Some of our latest reviews.

"How easy this service is, tutor's are friendly and want to help my Son."

-- Sherri J

Apr 13, 2018

"Convenient to have tutor come o our home. The tutors have been high quality and make a difference in our child's grades and understanding of concepts."

-- Kim M

Apr 11, 2018

"Quality tutors"

-- Sanjeewa W

Apr 06, 2018

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"Quality of tutors”

--Shona M

Apr 05, 2018


"you get the right person”

--Hussein M

Apr 04, 2018


"Convenient. Learning is happening!”

--Anita N

Apr 04, 2018


"I really like our tutor, Michael, he has done a great job with both of my children. I also like the personalized service offered by Tutor Doctor - our first tutor was not a good fit and we were able to change to Michael no questions asked. I really appreciated that ”

--Lorraine M

Mar 30, 2018


"The personalized one-on-one support my son gets. I also like that his tutor is very encouraging of him (which he really needed to help with his confidence). He says he feels like he’s starting to “get it” and likes working with Faith. ”

--Linda D

Mar 28, 2018


"Convenience. Having 3 kids I am continually running appointments. This service gives me a break with this.”

--Shae-Lynn G

Mar 28, 2018


"Hard working and committed to getting highest customer satisfaction ”

--Rehab Y

Mar 22, 2018


"Come to our home. Work hard to set up a compatible tutor”

--Kim J

Mar 21, 2018


"It has been a positive experience. Alex has a good rapport with Sarah, her tutor. We are pleased overall. ”

--Lucy S

Mar 04, 2018


"Consistent and great tutors or the ability to get someone new if required. It would be great if there was more flexibility in scheduling.”

--Candice H

Feb 28, 2018


"It’s in The comfort of our home Flexible ”

--Ophillia Z

Feb 21, 2018


"My son grades improved noticibly, even after just few session. Kyle put his at ease, and communicated common spelling problems, strategies for solving, and somehow made it fun to learn. English is International Language !!! Kyle taught in a way that my son could understand the concepts and apply to his school work. My son is more confident in his knowledge of grade 10 English and Social Studies now, Kyle find the good way to ask my son to writing composition for his interest Movie Marvel Characters . I m happy Kyle give my son every week give him writing composition work. Thank you Kyle!!! and Tutor Doctor service very good. Every session I can received the report status let me know how the teacher teaching.”

--Mei W

Feb 18, 2018


"Very professional! Second time I have used the services. I tried another for a few weeks in the past and went right back to the Tutor Doctor. All tutors have been fantastic. My child went from failing science at 37% to a decent mark and moving on to Biology! ”

--Jennifer T

Feb 07, 2018


"quick and comes to my home”

--Linda G

Feb 06, 2018


"Flexibility. Matching personality of tutor to student/family”

--Rhonda R

Jan 24, 2018


"Peter at Tutor Doctor Edmonton, is helpful and is always quick to help with any issues. My Son has gained his confidence back and for the first time he is an honour student.”

--Sherri J

Jan 11, 2018


"Arranging tutoring times with the tutor and receiving electronic updates on usage of tutoring hours.”

--Helen T

Jan 11, 2018