Some of our latest reviews.

"The relationship each tutor builds with the student and works on the students journey. "

-- Kiran R

Dec 06, 2018

"Personal service with careful matching of pupil to tutor."

-- Henry M

Nov 08, 2018

"Systematic approach from the beginning "

-- Shefali P

Nov 01, 2018

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"so happy with our tutor and he is very reliable and connects with my boys and they actually enjoy it ”

--Jenny T

Nov 01, 2018


"My kids are loving their lessons and we see a massive change in the way they are learning. ”

--Niti B

Sep 19, 2018


"The care taken to select the right tutor. We have had 2 now and they are both amazing. Olivia looks forward to her visit. ”

--Anna H

Sep 12, 2018


"Reliable, trustable and quick service. Friendly environment. ”

--Olga B

Sep 06, 2018


"The tutors are perfectly matched to the student and I can how it can impact the learning. ”

--Kiran R

Sep 06, 2018


"The professionalism and high standard of the tutors and also the ease of communication with Tutor doctors , i also really like the weekly session reports.”

--Roxan W

Sep 04, 2018


"Skills and knowledge of tutors and specific matching to my daughters needs”

--Robyn B

Aug 30, 2018


"The tutors radiate genuine concern about the academic success of my children, and they are knowledgeable in their fields.”

--Frances O

Aug 29, 2018


"Extremely happy with Tutor Doctor.. always giving out your contact details.”

--Sandra A

Aug 23, 2018


"My daughters tutor is great. She has made her more confident before going into exams. ”

--Sylvia K

Aug 09, 2018


"Tutor dr has given us very efficient tutor.”

--Naveen N

Jul 12, 2018


"Customized tutoring to cater for every child’s needs ”

--Niti B

Jun 28, 2018


"Professional and the tutor provided is a good match for our son”

--Leonore T

Jun 28, 2018


"The x skills and the effort gone to to find a perfect match between tutor and student”

--Elspeth A

Jun 21, 2018


"Reliable and personal. ”

--Tiffany F

Jun 20, 2018


"Tailored to special needs of the children”

--Robyn B

Jun 11, 2018


"The tutors are excellent and very friendly, outing students at ease and very professional”

--Tracey F

Jun 07, 2018