Some of our latest reviews.

"My kids are loving their lessons and we see a massive change in the way they are learning. "

-- Niti B

Sep 19, 2018

"The care taken to select the right tutor. We have had 2 now and they are both amazing. Olivia looks forward to her visit. "

-- Anna H

Sep 12, 2018

"Reliable, trustable and quick service. Friendly environment. "

-- Olga B

Sep 06, 2018

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"The tutors are perfectly matched to the student and I can how it can impact the learning. ”

--Kiran R

Sep 06, 2018


"The professionalism and high standard of the tutors and also the ease of communication with Tutor doctors , i also really like the weekly session reports.”

--Roxan W

Sep 04, 2018


"Skills and knowledge of tutors and specific matching to my daughters needs”

--Robyn B

Aug 30, 2018


"The tutors radiate genuine concern about the academic success of my children, and they are knowledgeable in their fields.”

--Frances O

Aug 29, 2018


"Extremely happy with Tutor Doctor.. always giving out your contact details.”

--Sandra A

Aug 23, 2018


"My daughters tutor is great. She has made her more confident before going into exams. ”

--Sylvia K

Aug 09, 2018


"Tutor dr has given us very efficient tutor.”

--Naveen N

Jul 12, 2018


"Customized tutoring to cater for every child’s needs ”

--Niti B

Jun 28, 2018


"Professional and the tutor provided is a good match for our son”

--Leonore T

Jun 28, 2018


"The x skills and the effort gone to to find a perfect match between tutor and student”

--Elspeth A

Jun 21, 2018


"Reliable and personal. ”

--Tiffany F

Jun 20, 2018


"Tailored to special needs of the children”

--Robyn B

Jun 11, 2018


"The tutors are excellent and very friendly, outing students at ease and very professional”

--Tracey F

Jun 07, 2018


"At home one on one tutoring ”

--Rosemarie S

Jun 05, 2018


"Jayna is such a perfect match fir nt daughter ”

--Tracy M

May 31, 2018


"Great Team”

--Sandra A

May 23, 2018


"Tutor Doctor try hard to match the tutor with the student's character and negotiates the needs according to the weaknesses and strengths and what is being covered at school. Our tutor has identified areas with us to refresh and ensure understanding is achieved. It's great to negotiate a suitable time to work around sport and out of school activities. The end of session report is also very useful.”

--Belinda A

May 18, 2018