Some of our latest reviews.

"Found a great tutor match for our son. "

-- Elizabeth M

Jan 23, 2019

"Very professional, helpful and reliable"

-- Joan F

Jan 23, 2019

"I think your response time to our families needs is exceptional!!! Keep up the great service!!!! "

-- Anissa V

Jan 23, 2019

More great reviews.


"The one on one personal plan for each individual learner.”

--Joanne O

Jan 23, 2019


"Personalized and targeted tutoring”

--Quoc N

Jan 23, 2019


"Quality, reliability, communication”

--Lynn B

Jan 23, 2019


"We've been with Tutor Doctor for several years and feel they make a huge difference and keeping my son on top of his studies. Miss Kim is very effective, yet patient and extremely pleasant. I would definitely highlyrecommend Tutor Doctor to others.”

--Tracy H

Jan 23, 2019


"Mrs. Byassee is amazing and a great fit for Tess. I love that we meet in home and I love the feedback and communication with every session.”

--Kerri T

Jan 23, 2019


"The tutor chosen for my son is superb. ”

--Kate L

Jan 23, 2019


"Honest, reliable and very professional and have a very clear understanding of our student needs”

--Krzysztof D

Jan 23, 2019


"We were unhappy with the first tutor and you were quick to find us a tutor that was better suited for our daughter ”

--Karen B

Jan 23, 2019


"Reliable, professional.”

--Christine K

Jan 23, 2019


"John Hastings is wonderful. He has helped Lily tremendously in Math. In addition he is always on time and flexible in rescheduling a session if necessary. We are very impressed. ”

--Viviane B

Jan 23, 2019


"Come to our home! ”

--Susan B

Jan 23, 2019


"Our tutor is a perfect match for our daughter. They work well together and her grades are improving ”

--Randal J

Jan 23, 2019


"Our tutor is amazing!! And you connected us !”

--Kate F

Jan 23, 2019


"The ease of scheduling ”

--kellie r

Jan 23, 2019


"The quality of tutor. That she’s structured with a plan each class and has all kinds of methods to teach.”

--Jasmine D

Jan 23, 2019


"It’s home based and the tutor is nice”

--Jeanne T

Jan 23, 2019


"Great tutors that really care about improving their students and try all sorts of techniques to get good results”

--Andrew B

Jan 23, 2019


"Tutor Doctor gave my daughter exactly the right tutors to bring her GCSE mark up to a 6 and her chemistry to an A which means she can go on to her first choice sixth form to study her favourite subjects. A brilliant, personalised and supportive service. Highly recommended.”

--Jacqueline S

Sep 12, 2017


"Tutor Doctors gave our daughter some fabulous tutors, who worked extremely hard with her, and made a real contribution to her achieving some fabulous GCSE results and qualifying for her chosen sixth form - as well as the self-belief to enter that sixth form with confidence. Thank you!”

--Andrew T

Sep 12, 2017


"I'm very pleased with the service provided for my son at GCSE triple science; a substantial amount of effort was put in as to which tutor is most suitable, also was very efficient and precise. From being tutored every week, I am very pleased with 'tutor doctor' as I needed to catch up with some topics, and I received a lot of education. This has really helped me for my preparation for GCSE.”

--Sukhi S

Jun 01, 2017


"My son is enthusiastic about seeing his English tutor and promptly does his homework after his session. She is brilliant and knows exactly how to engage and motivate him.”


Mar 29, 2017