Some of our latest reviews.

"Works with your schedule and are flexible "

-- Douglas F

Oct 19, 2019

"I especially appreciated the personalized consult from Mike beforehand, and I am impressed with the fact that ALL aspects of my son's learning issues played a part in selecting the perfect Tutor for him....excellent match! We are excited to see the impact in the new school year. "

-- Wanita P

Jul 24, 2019

"Thing I like is that the tutor comes to my home and I/we can set the time for a lesson. My daughter Kylies tutor is fantastic. Kylie has shown great improvement and looks forward to her lessons. "

-- Douglas F

Jul 17, 2019

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" Regular feedbacks and continual communications”

--Helen C

Jun 21, 2019


"The whole process, other organizations makes you do all the heavy lifting. Courtney is perfect for Noel and very informative and supportive. ”

--Crystal S

May 15, 2019


"I like that the tutor comes to our home and works around our busy schedule! it brings me solace to know that any concerns I have can go through Tutor Doctor to be rectified.”

--Robyn R

May 07, 2019


"professional, friendly, warm, caring, reliable”

--Rhian W

May 02, 2019


"I like the service and I love how everyone was very nice and welcoming I appreciate it a lot ”

--Sirak W

Apr 29, 2019


"Good customer service”

--Leanna S

Apr 10, 2019


"We like Baldwin, he is very likeable and a good tutor.”

--Sylvia G

Mar 20, 2019


"Organize , professional Our tutor Victoria is great. She works with my daughter in ways that motivates and encourages her. Making tutor not painful.”

--Adeline Y

Mar 07, 2019


"Regular reports and updates Flexibility Well organized ”

--Helen C

Mar 02, 2019


"Personal, professional and warm! ”

--Rhian W

Jan 31, 2019


"Excellent communication, convenient, qualified and effective tutour”

--Rita C

Jan 12, 2019


"Mike works hard to find the right tutor and cares about his clients”

--Leanna S

Jan 09, 2019


"Nora is a very good and a great match for our daughter. We have already recommended Tutor Doctor to a friend and they signed uo.”

--Anthony P

Jan 03, 2019


"timing and understanding the subject of tutoring, and using easy ways for students to understand. great job. ”

--Afework W

Dec 13, 2018


"good tutors with a professional manner ”

--Sabina M

Dec 02, 2018


"Personal, friendly, responsive, respectful ”

--Rhian W

Oct 24, 2018


"You try to provide us with the right tutor for my child needs. The tutors provide details and great report on the session and progress on my child learning. So far both my child and I are very happy with Tutor Doctor.”

--Nga C

Sep 24, 2018