Some of our latest reviews.

"straightforward and effective"

-- Yanina (

Jan 22, 2020

"Chantal is an outstanding tutor. She is engaging and our son has really improved at school as a result."

-- Nicole L

Jan 22, 2020

"Tutors come to our home. You have a variety of people for different subjects"

-- Elizabeth H

Jan 17, 2020

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"Quickly get results. Tutors are awesome.”

--Mark N

Dec 25, 2019


"How everything is managed in such a timely and professional manner. I do appreciate the reports from every session. ”

--Tracey R

Dec 25, 2019


"Our tutor is very good”

--Rae-Lee C

Dec 18, 2019


"Our tutor is fabulous and Melanie and Julian made sure that we were well matched. ”

--Christa S

Dec 18, 2019


"Feedback provided after a session and patience the tutor has with my kids.”

--Shannon P

Dec 18, 2019


"We like our tutor Erika very much. She is always in time and well prepared. Max seems to enjoy spending time with Erika. I would definitely recommend her to our friends. ”

--Dasha S

Dec 15, 2019


"Customer service and the positive results of the tutoring show in my daughter's grades”

--Roxanne S

Dec 12, 2019


"Great tutors. My son has really liked both of ours. ”

--Shelley M

Dec 11, 2019


"Your commitment ”

--Khadija K

Nov 28, 2019


"I like the one on one interaction of teacher with student. It really helps the student to understand the concepts of any subject.”

--Maliha A

Nov 28, 2019


"I love how dedicated you are to helping students succeed”

--Shereen D

Nov 27, 2019


"Besides having them Come to my home the tutors we have had are interested and invested in my child. They try every avenue to gain their attention and keep them interested.. ”

--Sherry (

Nov 13, 2019


"We love the professionalism and the tutors!!”

--Leanna A

Nov 09, 2019


"Very flexible, caring tutors. Kids enjoy working with them. Noticeable improvement in their classes.”

--Jody S

Oct 30, 2019


"Easy to use, professional, happy with Tutor”

--Dean U

Oct 26, 2019


"I like the one on one tutoring my daughter gets fitted to her schedule.”

--Joanne M

Oct 25, 2019


"Even though we are in Cochrane, appropriate tutors have been provided. Very straightforward service to interact with. Great communications.”

--David C

Oct 25, 2019