Some of our latest reviews.

"Our tutor, Chantal, has been fantastic and a great match for our son."

-- Nicole L

May 16, 2018

"Flexibility, hours transferable amongst other children and summary of sessions."

-- Catherine P

May 14, 2018

"Ease of setup and matching tutor to student needs. "

-- Julie M

May 10, 2018

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"We like our tutor Amy Henderson very much. She is flexible, professional, reliable, and awesome!”

--Nicole L

May 09, 2018


"Melanie did a great job in matching a tutor to our daughter. I felt that she really tried to know our family's needs and then delivered. Our tutor was better than the teacher at school. Our daughter thrived because of Martha's teaching.”

--Nancy P

May 08, 2018


"I like the flexibility of booking the tutor on different days since my son needs to work around his work schedule”

--Kim M

May 04, 2018


"Quality of tutor”

--Robin M

May 02, 2018


"Professional tutors who are subject matter experts.”

--Cathy M

May 02, 2018


"The tutors are great and the service is very professional! ”

--Leanna A

May 02, 2018


"The tutor they provided second time around is wonderful.”

--Patricia F

Apr 19, 2018


"The tutors are very flexible and adjust their time to suit the students needs. Always on time and very aware of students concerns with the problems in the subject they are tutoring. The office people are very helpful and meet the needs of the srudent”

--Helen T

Apr 19, 2018


"Very punctual, flexible and knowledgeable tutors ”

--Gaurang D

Apr 12, 2018


"Professional approach”

--Sunayana S

Apr 05, 2018


"Flexibility of the tutor.”

--Sarah S

Apr 04, 2018


"the flexibility and quality of teacher this year”

--Sharon G

Apr 04, 2018


"Tutor doctors willingness to make sure my daughter has a good fit with her style learning.”

--Catherine B

Apr 03, 2018


"Perfect tutors and absolutely nice and kind office stuff. I would like to say great thank you our tutor Daniel Sundstrom for his high professional and very much helpful support.”

--Medina A

Apr 03, 2018


"Personalization and flexibility for older students to work with the tutor to match availability.”

--Heather S

Apr 01, 2018


"I really like that you work so closely with us to ensure we have a tutor that will suite our individual needs.”

--Jody S

Mar 28, 2018


"New tutor is very planful and organized. Love that it’s in home. ”

--Allison P

Mar 20, 2018