Some of our latest reviews.

"Emily is fantastic with Alyiah and she knows how to get her to complete the work, she has lots of patience with Alyiah and Alyiah just loves her!"

-- Lara (

Oct 17, 2019

"Catered specifically to the needs of my child"

-- Jacqueline K

Oct 17, 2019

"Tutor comes to our house. Flexible with hours/doesn’t have to be the same day and time every week"

-- Heather (

Oct 17, 2019

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"My tutor Jon was incredible. Very personable, professional and super smart. Made learning fun and enjoyable ”

--Jessica K

Oct 17, 2019


"The weekly progress report ”

--Desiree Y

Oct 16, 2019


"I like the weekly follow up emails I receive that gives me an update on the student's progress. ”

--Andrea T

Aug 22, 2019


"Tutor comes to my home. Female tutor. Tutor has a kind personality towards my daughter. ”

--Catherine D

Aug 16, 2019


"Flexibility ”

--Nancy C

Aug 15, 2019


"Qualified tutors”

--Heba (

Jul 18, 2019


"High quality of tutoring.”

--Iftekhar (

Jul 12, 2019


"Very organized, prompt and helpful”

--Karim (

Jul 11, 2019


"Very responsive and reliable; tutors genuinely want to help their students succeed”

--Rhondda (

Jul 10, 2019


"I like the instructor (Bhumi). She is excellent with the kids.”

--Lolade (

Jun 26, 2019


"Prompt responses and access to support, quality of tutoring support, flexibility in tutor availability”

--Angelina (

May 25, 2019


"Tutor has been very kind and accommodating with my daughter. Meghan seems to really like her tutor and when the first one didn't click with her they found her another one very quickly.”

--Linda B

May 22, 2019


"The instructor is knowledgeable, on time and works around our schedule ”

--Nadine M

May 21, 2019


"One on one tutoring, at home very convenient. Polite and personable tutors we are very happy with Laura and are seeing our daughters grade already showing the benefit of having a tutor. ”

--Tara R

May 15, 2019


"Convenient Tutor is very knowledgeable ”

--David (

May 09, 2019


"I am very pleasde with the tutor that was provided to us”

--Catherine R

May 01, 2019


"In home and flexible , great tutor ”

--Melissa (

Apr 18, 2019