Some of our latest reviews.

"Tutors are very knowledgeable and the company is reliable "

-- Josie D

Aug 29, 2019

"Prompt replies and efforts to find suitable tutors. The tutors are all committed."

-- Paula (

Aug 16, 2019

"Very good my daughter, has progressed a lot in his reading at this time, I’m very happy ."

-- Leslie A

Jul 11, 2019

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"Customized tutoring services ”

--Cara L

Jul 03, 2019


" ”

--Susan S

Jun 13, 2019


"Very organized and professional”

--Philip T

Jun 13, 2019



--Debora S

Jun 13, 2019


"Professional, organized, and progress”

--Robin T

May 23, 2019


"The tutors are responsible; they try their best to explain everything to my son. Good Job!”

--Jean L

May 10, 2019


"Very qualified..helpful..great [email protected] Tess was great at matching a tutor with my son that met his needs. Maher, the tutor, was simply amazing at helping my son achieve his goals for his courses. So professional, helpful, knowledgeable....simply a great motivator and role model....very bright....thank [email protected]

--Terry R

May 09, 2019


"Tutor Doctors is a well organized company. The tutors are very skilled.”

--Paula (

May 08, 2019


"You match a tutor with the child/person. They come to the house making it very convenient for us. ”

--Christine S

Apr 10, 2019


"The personalized tutors ”

--Rossanna P

Apr 03, 2019


"Relaiable, friendly, accomodating. Very satisfied so far.”

--Natalia B

Apr 03, 2019


"Very responsive to our needs ”

--Lori W

Mar 14, 2019


"You can tailor to the child's needs”

--Claudia R

Mar 14, 2019


"The option to change tutors if the match isn't perfect. ”

--Lucinda C

Mar 14, 2019


"The commitment and professionalism of the tutor. The system you have. It is very convenient the home tutoring.”

--Karla L

Mar 06, 2019


"It is customized to the study needs of the child. ”

--Nicole (

Feb 07, 2019


"Thé session report is good.”

--Matthew J

Jan 31, 2019