Read Tutor Doctor Etobicoke-Mississauga-Central Reviews


"Great response time ”

--Lori W

Dec 04, 2019


"I like that my son has a great relationship with his tutor and that working together they have increased his marks. ”

--Belinda F

Dec 04, 2019


"Great tutors, easy scheduling and very flexible ”

--Erin (

Dec 02, 2019


"Easy. Session follow up reports. Tutor is backed up by roster of other tutors if needed. ”

--Tim M

Nov 25, 2019


"Great services! Delivered as promised.”

--Ghazal Q

Nov 13, 2019


"You come to our home”

--Kathy (

Nov 07, 2019


"The tutor we had was amazing.”

--Kim T

Nov 07, 2019


"Excellent Tudors”

--Piper (

Oct 30, 2019


"That the tutor comes to us.”

--Isabella H

Oct 25, 2019


"The tutors are excellent, very knowledgeable and able to work in multiple disciplines”

--Kerry (

Oct 24, 2019


"Tutor comes to the house making it very convenient. Skilled tutors that really connect with the student ”

--Christine S

Oct 24, 2019


"Our tutor, Jade, is a perfect match for our daughter. She adapts teaching styles to best suit our child's needs. Tutor Doctor did a great job matching us up. ”

--Antoinette E

Oct 17, 2019


"It is very convenient to have a tutor coming to your house than having to take your kid somewhere else.”

--Karla L

Oct 17, 2019


"After a rocky start with the first tutor both my daughters now have great tutors and we are starting to see improvement ”

--Ksenia E

Oct 16, 2019


"Quick, timely response to securing resources for students and their families. Quality of tutors top notch...they know their "stuff"!”

--Arbelle M

Oct 16, 2019


"The ability to select a tutor that fits my child and my schedule is amazing ”

--Lucinda C

Oct 16, 2019


"Flexible availability and available at home for the student.”

--Debora S

Oct 16, 2019


"Tutors are very knowledgeable and the company is reliable ”

--Josie D

Aug 29, 2019


"Prompt replies and efforts to find suitable tutors. The tutors are all committed.”

--Paula (

Aug 16, 2019


"Very good my daughter, has progressed a lot in his reading at this time, I’m very happy .”

--Leslie A

Jul 11, 2019