Some of our latest reviews.

"I like the convenience of the Tutor coming to my home and I appreciate how Tutor doctor tries to match up a personality that will work with my child."

-- Roberta D

Oct 19, 2017

"So far we have found each tutor to be professional, and worth every penny! "

-- Tamara B

Oct 19, 2017

"I like the fact that you guys do what you say. its nice to see a company that actually has values and integrity. I have someone that is looking for a tutor and would like a call back and her name is Stephanie Barritt and she can be reached at 604-785-4562. "

-- Luisa H

Oct 18, 2017

See below... more local client reviews:


"Flexible and works with the schools”

--Leanne B

Oct 18, 2017


"I like the tutor who come to help my son”

--Tejinder C

Oct 04, 2017


"Timely and personable and shows care and concern takes job seriously ”

--Kim W

Oct 04, 2017


"Tutors come to our home and their always prepared for the session.”

--Karen C

Sep 21, 2017


"I like that the tutor comes to your home and you don't have to drop off and pick up your child from another location. The tutors are very nice and helpful too!”

--Serena S

Sep 20, 2017


"great service, great teaching, reliable, professional”

--Tricia (

Sep 20, 2017


"So far our tutor has arrived when scheduled and he is very polite and focused”

--Joanne M

Sep 13, 2017


"Very convenient for parents and students . Tutors are committed and flexible to the students' needs . Session reports provide communication to parents about the lessons . ”

--Gurinder B

Sep 06, 2017


"Tutor competent in dealing with my son's autism condition”

--Merriem B

Sep 06, 2017


"It helps the kids build up there confidence in areas where they're not so strong learners ”

--Eliane H

Sep 06, 2017


"My daughter is feeling much more confident with math!”

--Sarah B

Aug 30, 2017


"The Tutor is very helpful and friendly, making sure the students understand carefully. ”

--Don N

Aug 30, 2017


"Johnny is wonderful and comes to my house.”

--Eduardo P

Jul 26, 2017


"I like the feedback after every session. ”

--Heather B

Jun 29, 2017


"The tutors are very professional. Johnny is always early and never late. Tutor doctor actually cares about my success ”

--Tyler S

Jun 14, 2017


"the tutors provided were friendly, professional and very well prepared. ”

--Kim F

Jun 14, 2017


"Availability of times and days,”

--Kim B

Jun 14, 2017