Read Tutor Doctor Fraser-Valley Reviews


"Good quality and tutors are very professional”

--Kal S

Jan 30, 2019


"Our tutor (Rainer Huebel) has provided exactly what our son needed to help him get through Math 10 and 11. ”

--Kim E

Jan 26, 2019


"quality of tutor , and quick response from office”

--Lani B

Jan 24, 2019


"It's great that you come to us.”

--Tracey W

Jan 21, 2019


"The quality and professionalism of Tutors very helpful and patient ”

--Sandra H

Jan 16, 2019


"The chosen Tutor Ashley is perfect for my daughter, she is engaging and encouraging and fun. Also she comes to my home!”

--Heather M

Jan 16, 2019


"The one on one interaction and tutoring with my child”

--Marcel J

Jan 16, 2019


"tutor, flexibility, reports ”

--Nicola F

Jan 16, 2019


"Professional and consistent”

--Carolyn S

Jan 16, 2019


"I’ve been pleased with all aspects so far. My sons tutor had always been on time, knowleable and respectful. My son has had great success with her support.”

--Kaela *

Jan 08, 2019


"It is very professional. My sons tutor has helped him with more that just his school work. My sons tutor is very motivational and understanding.”

--Patty J

Jan 02, 2019


"Patience and on time. ”

--Michaela S

Jan 02, 2019


"My son has been using Tutor Doctor for about six months. It's made a huge difference in his self-confidence. He's had two tutors during this period, and both matches have been fantastic. Would highly recommend to anyone!”

--Kristi S

Dec 19, 2018


"Come to my home. ”

--Erin N

Dec 19, 2018


"Ali and my son Josh get along fine and the one on one is great.”

--Phil S

Dec 07, 2018


"Well organized and stress free. ”

--Ruth H

Dec 06, 2018


"Our tutor Nim is fabulous ! She is very knowledgeable, reliable and is super nice! If all your tutors are like her I give you a 10 ! The only thing that knocks you down to a 9 is your pricing. Thanks ”

--Nellie P

Nov 28, 2018


"Carlos is very attentive to Brooklyn's educational needs. He talks to her, assesses her school work and adjust his tutoring to the areas where she needs help the most. He is very supportive.”

--Courtney B

Nov 28, 2018


"At home, flexible and qualified service.”

--Beth-Anne C

Nov 24, 2018


"Willingness to adapt to client's needs”

--Lise *

Nov 21, 2018