Some of our latest reviews.

"Rohail was an excellent and caring tutor. He matched very well with my daughter. "

-- Kate J

Feb 18, 2019

"I like how the tutor's build a relationship with the student and gain their trust. Both my kids like their tutor (Wasan) and I like how she is very patient with them, and tries to find the best way for them to learn. "

-- Rebecca T

Feb 13, 2019

"We love the flexibility of having a tutor come to our home on our terms. The quality of the tutors has been very good thus far. Pricing is reasonable."

-- Colleen K

Feb 12, 2019

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"You have been very good to my daughter and helping her succeed with her school ”

--Karley R

Jan 31, 2019


"Tutors, math and English, are great matches for our son. ”

--Barbara T

Jan 30, 2019


"The initial assessment was great - very thorough. We've had two different tutors now and they both have been awesome. They come up with creative games to assist my child with areas in math that she finds difficult. My daughter loves learning from the tutors. ”

--Megan H

Jan 30, 2019


"Quickly changed tutors for us to support our needs”

--Jenn D

Jan 30, 2019


"My son's tutor, Emma Ciccolini, was absolutely fantastic - she was organized, dedicated, knowledgable about the grade 10 math curriculum, and an excellent teacher!”

--Valerie O

Jan 30, 2019


"In-home feature, quality tutors, custom service. ”

--Mark N

Jan 30, 2019


"I think your response time to our families needs is exceptional!!! Keep up the great service!!!! ”

--Anissa V

Jan 23, 2019


"Come to our home! ”

--Susan B

Jan 23, 2019


"Home- based Flexible”

--Misty M

Jan 17, 2019


"Pleasant employees. Good turn around time. Qualified tutors.”

--Charlotte T

Jan 17, 2019


"I really like how our daughters tutor was matched to her needs and learning style. I really liked how quickly we were matched and able to see results in her scoring.”

--Julie L

Jan 14, 2019


"My son can manage his tutor time and appointments directly with his tutor, and his tutor come to the house. ”

--Gisele M

Jan 10, 2019


"In-home, one-on-one and flexible timing.”

--Devon P

Dec 19, 2018


"That they come to your house ”

--Asha M

Dec 12, 2018


"They are personalized and the office staff are always responsive in a timely manner. ”

--Tracy L

Dec 06, 2018


"Many tutors with a different academic background ( some at the university level, some in the workforce ) and their flexible schedule.”

--Hadeel I

Nov 29, 2018


"What I appreciate about your services is that you are able to come to our home.”

--Aluel R

Nov 24, 2018