Some of our latest reviews.

"- good tutors - manager (Thea) responsiveness"

-- Oksana K

Jun 28, 2018

"Tutor that we have is very attentive with my children. "

-- Maria P

Jun 28, 2018

"Best ppl ever "

-- Saif A

Jun 21, 2018

See below... more local client reviews:


"Really appreciate the upfront evaluation of the student, and then the effort to match the right tutor with the student's specific needs.”

--Sharad V

Jun 18, 2018



--Maria M

Jun 13, 2018


"Caters to customers need, makes our time feel valuable and provides the best customer service possible”

--Harisa K

Jun 02, 2018


"The personalization. ”

--Maia P

May 30, 2018


"Excellent tutor and it was quick to get a tutor assigned after the initial conversation. ”

--Marangeli W

May 14, 2018


"Communication, commitment and good results. I’ve already recommended your services to a friend who is using Tutor Doctor in Brampton. Thanks ”

--Carmen F

May 02, 2018


"Convienent and flexible.”

--Barb R

May 02, 2018


"Convenient and helpful”

--Helen C

Apr 19, 2018


"Come to our home. Flexible hours. Knowledgable tutor. ”

--Monica C

Apr 19, 2018


"Good tutors, can be done at home, flexibility on times and dates.”

--Linda J

Apr 16, 2018


"The way the tutor is able to come to the home and the flexibility of our schedule. ”

--Roberta M

Apr 13, 2018


"Very convenience ”

--Analiza G

Mar 29, 2018


"Flexible, convenient and personable. ”

--Laura C

Mar 29, 2018


"Stan is great with my son Nicholas. Nicholas us using what he is learning and i already see a difference.”

--Maria M

Mar 12, 2018


"The ability to tailor the tutoring to the needs of my son. ”

--Maia P

Mar 05, 2018


"very accommodating and great tutors”

--Julie G

Feb 22, 2018


"Love that tutor doctor is based on our child’s needs and the flexibility of the tutor (Our sons tutor is amazing)”

--Renu R

Feb 21, 2018