Some of our latest reviews.

"Support, ease, the matching of tutors to students."

-- Jane D

Jun 28, 2018

"I like the flexibility to coordinate sessions with the tutor themselves, as well as the personal service (discussions/communication) by Tejal when i annually renew my sons hours. I also appreciate the session summaries that i receive following the sessions. "

-- Christina H

Jun 20, 2018

"Quick, appropriate match ups... safety considerations... patient, kind and knowledgeable tutors."

-- Jacqueline W

May 23, 2018

See below... more local client reviews:


"Justin has been just fantastic.”

--Deanne B

May 10, 2018


"Very good match and understanding ”

--Carolyn O

May 10, 2018


"Great updates...stay connected....amazing tutors....awesome experience!!!!”

--Sarah R

May 02, 2018


"Great tutors matched to the child's needs and personality.”

--Aine C

May 02, 2018


"Our tutor is very strong in her support but is also very flexible with our life style when it comes to scheduling which I appreciate ”

--Tracey S

Apr 19, 2018


"Very accomodating, willing to find you a tutor that works well with your child. ”

--Stacy H

Apr 11, 2018


"That you would accommodate my schedule and met the needs of my kids. My daughter is more confident in class and raises her hand now and my son jumped several reading tubs in the class. ”

--Tracy H

Apr 11, 2018


"Quick. Flexible ”

--Norrie F

Apr 11, 2018


"Alandra is a superior tutor who developed a learning connection with my daughter that resulted in her best success. Tejal is a patient and efficient manager. ”

--Ross U

Apr 04, 2018


"Convenient Not sure how hours are tracked though ”

--Shelley M

Apr 04, 2018


"I like the tutors we have had”

--Tania K

Mar 29, 2018


"I like that the tutors come to our house, and we've had excellent tutors. ”

--Justine K

Mar 21, 2018


"Convenient and flexible ...Tudor being able to come to Clients home ”

--Debbie W

Mar 21, 2018


"I love my tutors. They care about my academics as much as I do. I love how organize they are and willingness to teach me.”

--Angelica A

Mar 13, 2018


"The last tutor (tutor) was the best, he has a knowledge and know how to teach it. I was really happy with Brian”

--Chantal L

Feb 21, 2018


"Provided very qualified tutors that work very well with my son. Going great...”

--Richard W

Feb 21, 2018


"Our tutor is awesome, she has prompt reports that I can view and print off, she is well liked by our 11 yr old. She provides adequate homework for the night/weekend. In just the few sessions we have had for our daughter, we have seen "leaps" of improvement! Money well spent!”

--Freda B

Feb 05, 2018