Some of our latest reviews.

"I like the one on one with my child. "

-- Raelene C

Jan 18, 2018

"The tutor was and is a great match for our son "

-- Cheryl B

Jan 18, 2018

"Very personal, very accommodating. "

-- Gary B

Jan 17, 2018

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"Once a suitable match for Tyler was located, things were smooth and I was able to step back with Tyler and the Tudor arranging tudoring times between them. Tyler really likes his current Tudor. ”

--Wendy G

Jan 17, 2018


"That I can pick my times to meet my schedule and my kids have a better understanding of their schoolwork ”

--Tracy H

Jan 10, 2018


"Our tutor, Bridget has been great. She has really made a difference in my son’s success. She is also very flexible which we appreciate with our busy lifestyles. ”

--Tracey S

Jan 10, 2018


"Flexibility. Very competent tutors. ”

--Carl W

Jan 10, 2018



--Norrie F

Dec 24, 2017


"The consultant was very knowledgeable and helpful, and the tutor is very flexible and very patient by taking the time to explain math concepts.”

--Sahra J

Dec 21, 2017


"Assigned tutor very professional and is proactive in planning for the study session. Jasmine puts time in advance to prepare material for the study session which supports overall outcome. ”

--Angela F

Dec 21, 2017


"Easy. An excellent job in linking the right tutor to my child's needs. Our tutor is knowledgeable with the subject matter.”

--Colleen S

Dec 06, 2017


"The one on one tutoring is really helpful! ”

--Raelene C

Nov 16, 2017


"Owner is very responsive, this current tutor seems very helpful, punctual and intelligent ”

--Alison H

Nov 08, 2017


"Tutor is matched to child and their needs. Tutoring at home makes life so much easier and also flexible with sessions and extra sessions.”

--Aine C

Nov 02, 2017


"Good tutors and they come to your home. ”

--Angie M

Oct 25, 2017


"You can always seem to find a good match!”

--Tamara B

Oct 25, 2017


"Very personal, have felt that you want success as much as we do. Our tutor is amazing and has helped our son improve his marks. ”

--Gary B

Oct 18, 2017


"I like the tutor who makes exceptional efforts”

--Thea N

Oct 05, 2017


"I liked that the supervisor came to my house to discuss my daughter's needs for a tutor and that it was very important that the tutor match up with those needs. I like having the tutor coming to my house which makes it easier for our lifestyle.”

--Barbara C

Oct 04, 2017


"Responsive and great quality tutors.”

--Carl W

Sep 28, 2017