Some of our latest reviews.

"I love that the tutor comes to our home and is able to work with our busy schedule. I also love how time and care were put into finding a good match for our daughter. Our tutor has been such a positive influence on our daughter - not only with math, but with her self-confidence overall."

-- Sarah D

Dec 06, 2018

"Professional and quick to respond and organize a tutor. Our tutor, Arnold Chan, has been fantastic. When I called originally to inquire the person on the phone, while friendly and helpful, gave me slightly different pricing than the actual cost so perhaps improving communication in that area should..."

-- Kassandra T

Dec 05, 2018

"Your tutors, they have all been amazing. Easy going and able to transfer their knowledge with ease. Thank you"

-- Ligia C

Nov 25, 2018

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"Anthony is excellent!!”

--Wendy B

Nov 21, 2018


"My son was strugling with his English classes and was scared of test and essays and did not know how to mske his writing more sophisticated. I see big improvement in the analysis of the texts, writing skills after working with Anthony. Thanks Tutor Doctor!”

--Marina G

Nov 20, 2018


"Good tutors”

--Ranvear B

Nov 16, 2018


"Tutor is good, following up, service is good”

--Yonghong W

Nov 14, 2018


"The in home tutoring is great for busy lifestyles and our tutor provides skills and confidence. ”

--Kelly B

Nov 01, 2018


"In home and individualized to student ”

--Andrea T

Oct 31, 2018


"My daughter feels that the tutors explain things well. The one on one learning is a key asset. ”

--Paul M

Oct 25, 2018


"Professional and the tutors come to you!”

--Lea W

Oct 21, 2018


"How knowledgeable my son's tutor is. Great job Nadia”

--Shaheba A

Oct 18, 2018


"Very professional and caring. Tutors have all been knowledgeable and helpful”

--Patty R

Oct 17, 2018


"Tailor made program and flexibility on place, time and frequency. Can't be beat. Price is also very reasonable.”

--Leina C

Oct 17, 2018


"You come to our house which is a great advantage and at a time that is convenient for us. ”

--Stephanie N

Oct 11, 2018


"The knowledge of our tutor and the fact it happens in our home.”

--Rachel S

Sep 27, 2018


"They came to us and worked around our busy schedule. ”

--Beverley W

Sep 20, 2018


"We have the best Tutor!! ”

--Kate F

Sep 19, 2018


"We like the in-home aspect”

--Parveen K

Sep 05, 2018


"The tutor who was matched with our daughter is such a perfect fit! I love that she comes to us which allows my daughter an extra level of comfort of being at home.”

--Sarah D

Aug 30, 2018