Read Tutor Doctor Altrincham Reviews


"Good communication and feedback ”

--Misbah A

Dec 21, 2016


"Knowledgeable and attuned to individual student learning needs; prompt and courteous; services offered in home.”

--Claudia C

Jul 28, 2016


"Very kind ,professional and caring teachers.”

--Maryam A

Jun 29, 2016


"Samantha is very professional, she is very good with my child, and I have seen an improvement in his literacy and numeracy”

--Miren R

Jun 23, 2016


"Excellent professional service. The teacher who taught my daughter has been amazing in providing her with the knowledge she requires. May”

--Mae S

Jun 15, 2016


"We have seen very positive results by using this service. The service is reliable, consistent and of a high standard. I would definitely recommend this service.”

--Shabnum A

May 06, 2016


"The fact that the tutor came to our home and we had a choice of the type of tutor we wanted.”

--Clare T

May 05, 2016


"Very efficient and the teacher has been fantastic. Great improvement in my daughter.”

--Regina B

Nov 19, 2015


"Everything was explained well and the tutor was excellent. Tutor Doctor were a flexible and responsive company to work with.”

--Tracey P

Jun 18, 2015


"You are extremely helpful and have helped me to achieve my potential”

--Bethany C

Jun 04, 2015


"I found the initial meeting friendly and caring to the needs of the pupil. The chosen tutor was knowledgeable and efficient with the chosen subject and kept the pupil at ease and aid in learning.”

--Harry J

May 29, 2015


"Very professional company. Tutor is always on time and has a great rapport with my son”

--Sophie Y

Apr 08, 2015


"Tutor always turns up on time. Tuition lessons engaging and fun as well as educational. If given enough notice there is a degree of flexibility and willingness to swap the usual tuition day for another more suitable date in case of unexpected event on the day. Weekly tutor reports provided by email to reflect on and give brief summary of the lesson and to set goals for the next one.”

--Simona S

Mar 06, 2015


"I like the fact the tutor is matched to your child and the tutoring is tailored to their individual needs”

--Lisa O

Jan 14, 2015


"Very good teaching methods”

--Naheed Y

Jan 14, 2015


"Excellent tutor for our daughter, well matched and improvements seen very early on.”

--Anna W

Jan 12, 2015


"The fact that the tutor is matched up to the child and it fits in with our busy schedules plus tackling the subjects that our son finds difficult in a constructive way.”

--Lisa O

Oct 08, 2014


"Our tutor Catherine, has raised our son's attainment in maths, and given him the confidence to participate more during school lessons.”

--Sian B

Aug 06, 2014


"I think Tutor Doctor is amazingly nurtured towards each pupils need.”

--Jas B

Aug 06, 2014


"Commitment & accuracy..flexibility Helping the parent understand the child's needs”

--Amani N

May 15, 2014