Some of our latest reviews.

"Good quality tutors. Great service. "

-- Sarah S

Sep 20, 2018

"Excellent tutors"

-- Tosin B

Sep 06, 2018

"Understand child's ability's and works towards their needs"

-- Parveen D

Sep 06, 2018

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"The personal meeting and also our tutor is fantastic”

--Jagdeep B

Sep 06, 2018


"Flexibility - switch from one subject to another if needed. Tutors checked and vetted by Tutor Doctor. ”

--Vanessa L

Aug 08, 2018


"Very committed to my daughters personal requirements”

--Trisha H

Jul 04, 2018


"Good tutor, great customer service, good follow up service”

--Naomi G

Jun 24, 2018


"I liked the fact that you listened to our concerns and requirements and you did recommend a tutor that was right for our child. The speed you worked at was great.”

--Jagdeep B

Jun 06, 2018


"Transparency and clear excellent customer service and service with high quality tutoring staff. Thanks ”

--Sandra M

Jun 06, 2018


"Efficient, good tutors and feedback regular and helpful”

--Moira H

May 31, 2018


"My daughters reading and writing visibly improved.”

--Alicija K

May 29, 2018


"Student matching”

--Michelle H

May 24, 2018


"Run very professionally, easy to correspond with & an excellent standard of tutors.”

--Xenia H

May 23, 2018


"It's very friendly and my daughter is doing very well with the help she has been getting.”

--Marcia L

May 23, 2018


"Commitment clear understanding of students needs Mature appeoach”

--Michelle S

May 17, 2018


"Took the hard work out of finding an appropriate tutor. Our granddaughter gets on well with the Tutor identified for her. He is teaching her in a methodical manner and is introducing new topics at her pace and at the same time goes over previously taught topics with her. This is working very well and we are very satisfied. I would have given a 10 but we have only been with your service for a very short time.. ”

--Patricia C

May 16, 2018


"So impressed with Tutor Doctor. They matched the requirements of our child with the perfect tutor. Could not recommend highly enough.”

--Nikki L

May 16, 2018


"Our maths tutor is very friendly, my children respond to her method of teaching. The office is very quick to respond to emails and questions.”

--Steve R

May 15, 2018


"Good teaching, very punctual, keep us informed at all times and excellent teacher. My son has had excellent test results thanks to the Tutor Doctor”

--Carla O

May 14, 2018


"Suitability of Tutor Quality of Teaching Written Session Reports Flexibility to deal with rescheduling Informal and Formal feedback & follow-up”

--Peter M

May 11, 2018