Some of our latest reviews.

"It caters to the students personal needs and they are very vital because they provide a productive service."

-- Mariam N

Jan 11, 2018

"I like how Tutor Doctor provides you a good teacher with experience "

-- Lubna J

Dec 22, 2017

"Tutor Doctor found suitable tutors for my children quickly. Tutors are great ans I receive an update on they progress after every lesson."

-- Cinzia C

Dec 18, 2017

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"our tutor has always been on time, has identified areas of weakness and has been able to encourage our son to keep improving”

--Shaheda M

Nov 30, 2017


"it is v well organised and tutors are very hardworking and are full of experience and knowledge.”

--Shireen B

Nov 22, 2017


"I am very pleased to recommend to my friends and I have recommended to few of my friends already.”

--Muhammad A

Sep 27, 2017


"Any requests are responded to quickly. ”

--Michelle Z

Sep 21, 2017


"I feel ok with the service teacher is very punctual and utilise time properly and well prepare lesson.”

--Muhammad A

Jun 30, 2017


"Professionalism, timekeeping, communication,structured lessons geared towards school curriculum, discussions with students to ascertain their learning, concerns, strengths and weaknesses. And finally progress in the student.”

--Ify K

Jun 30, 2017


"Nasreen always finds a tutor”

--Heather O

Jun 16, 2017


"finding the right tutor fr your child and not just anyone who is available ”

--Kemeljit L

Apr 25, 2017


"I have found the services to be very informative and professional at all times. I am very happy with the service provided by tutor doctor.”

--Michelle Z

Mar 16, 2017


"Tutor very good and reliable”

--Robert B

Mar 08, 2017


"The matching of individual student needs to knowledgeable tutors.”

--Kate W

Feb 18, 2017


"The tutors are very professional and always arrive on time.”

--Lorraine W

Jan 25, 2017


"The tutors make sure that what they are teaching covers the subject for class work and exams.”

--Michelle Z

Dec 15, 2016


"Easy to arrange. Great Tutor who has great rapport with child”

--Jackie S

Jul 21, 2016


"Tailored especially to my child's needs and the tutor was very good with my son.”

--Sumandeep V

Jul 13, 2016


"Tutor was very patient and able to explain thing very simply”

--Eniola D

Jun 15, 2016


"Customer Care”

--Panchardcharam N

May 26, 2016