Some of our latest reviews.

"very good in all aspects"

-- Liz T

Nov 08, 2017

"Very professional, regular feedback, reliable, punctual and great tutoring."

-- Donna S

Nov 08, 2017

"Very efficient Proper student initial assessment "

-- Ola A

Nov 08, 2017

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"The tutors are amazing and my children are enjoying the lessons.”

--Natalia P

Nov 08, 2017


"You were able to match my daughter with a tutor she really likes and they work well together. I also like the flexibility and the progress report.”

--Lorraine M

Nov 08, 2017


"Efficient. Friendly. Like the tutor. Has a good way with her.”

--Barbara B

Oct 04, 2017


"I am very impressed with the personal service that Tutor Dr's provides and the out sounding teaching it's tutors provide. Thank you. ”

--Monica D

Sep 13, 2017


"Reliable, prompt and the feedback is excellent. At the first meeting our son was given a pre assessment to find out what type of learner he was. He was then matched perfectly with the appropriate tutor.”

--Donna S

Aug 16, 2017


"My tutor is very supporting and corrects me in a very nice manner. She gives me a respectable piece of homework each week. When I find something challenging she explains it clearly. My tutor is so kind and wonderful. ”

--Rasheed A

Jul 27, 2017


"Good tutor ”

--Shruti S

Jun 21, 2017


"Reliable, professional teachers”

--Nadia E

Jun 15, 2017


"Easy to use, didn't go wrong in any way. ”

--Wendy T

Jun 07, 2017


"Mo the Tutor we have is fantastic and has really helped our daughter. ”

--Kate E

May 18, 2017


"Tutor really understands the needs and difficulties very nurturing ”

--Russell H

May 17, 2017


"The convenience of a tutor coming to our home, bespoke tutoring tailored to individuals, and allows a little flexibility for those inevitable adjustments in schedule. ”

--Helen T

May 03, 2017


"Faraaz, Katia's Tutor, is so inspiring and Katia is getting so much out of her sessions with him. ”

--Tracy B

Apr 26, 2017


"Really flexible and the tutor is knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge”

--Helen W

Apr 05, 2017


"The tutor recommended for my tutor was/is the perfect fit. They work really well together. I like the direct contact with our tutor but also knowing Jocelyn is there if we have any problems. ”

--Faye R

Apr 05, 2017


"Very reliable and the constant communication makes it easier to track progress.”

--Nadia K

Apr 05, 2017


"A very well suited tutor provided who has identified 'how' our daughter learns so to speak. Her grades have already improved and she now 'gets' the subject much more clearly and is making great progress, many thanks!!!”

--Julie C

Mar 29, 2017