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"the response to my inquiry was very prompt. Olivia is very knowledgeable and courteous kayla our tutor seems to be a good match and stepped right in to work like her and my son have known each other for a long time. kayla is very punctual and always comes on time. it is too early for me to talk about results, but my son loves his tutor and the time he spends with her and is willing to work hard for her.”

--Tami R

Jul 23, 2015


"Our Education Consultant really found a great match for our daughter. Her tailor program helped her advance on the subject.”

--Maria R

Jul 16, 2015


"The Tutor that was provided was great. She was a perfect fit for our son and we highly recommend her!!”

--Alex S

Jun 23, 2015


"Luis was excellent in finding the perfect tutor for our son. The assessment, in and of itself is worth your time, as Luis can quickly point out strengths and weaknesses. Our math tutor, Matt, was wonderful and was able to re-direct our son and mentor him through the process.”

--Jeffrey O

Jun 08, 2015


"Tutor Doctor really cares about my child!”

--Michele S

Apr 16, 2015


"Our tutor is highly capable and focused on understanding my child's needs and gaps and developing a thoughtful and engaging plan for closing them. She is highly collaborative and has engaged my child's teachers in the process as well. After a month we are already seeing notable results - improved confidence and focus! This is huge for us and we are looking forward to more successes in the future.”

--Edward G

Apr 08, 2015


"Tutoring is tailored to each individual child, through highlighting strengths and working with and through weaknesses.”

--Patricia K

Mar 11, 2015


"I like the way marie give lessons also she was real professional thanks”

--Maria P

Mar 07, 2015


"Luis took time to get to know our son and he was honest and direct with us and with our teenager. He spent time finding the perfect match for our teenage son, someone who has made learning fun and who has inspired our son to excel.”

--Jeffrey O

Feb 20, 2015


"It's organized and the program is successful., the teachers are very patient and they listen to the student. They work with you step by step. They also make you feel happy and content.”

--Adnan J

Feb 20, 2015


"The tutoring is very specific to what my child needs help with each time. The tutor is prompt and never rushes through anything during the session.”

--Kimberly N

Feb 19, 2015


"Promptness, professional, polite and very good for Mason to have the one on one help.”

--John M

Jan 29, 2015


"The tutor is very nice, knowledgeable and my student has a great rapport with him.”

--Maria R

Jan 22, 2015


"I really enjoy the teacher I have. Your business system I appericate.”

--Judy I

Dec 22, 2014


"I like that teachers gave my daughter their time and knowledge. teachers were coming to their on time.”

--Shamim M

Dec 18, 2014


"I was matched very well with my tutor. She listens to all aspects of how I learn and how to improve my scores. I am in frequent contact with TutorDoctor to assure that my path for success is on chord.”

--Susan C

Nov 06, 2014


"The tutor being a perfect match and really taking time to understand my daughter and her needs.”

--Lisa H

Oct 22, 2014


"Everyone was very friendly and helpful.”

--Chris O

Oct 16, 2014


"Quality of tutors, attention to personal needs of students. Valerie is always on time and patient and kind.”

--Chrissie P

Oct 02, 2014


"So far so good. I like the professionalism, the communication we have gotten, and the tutor that was match to my son. He is patient and diligent and sends in timely reports. Based on what I have seen so far, which is three visits, I am happy with the program and it's approach. I think it is too soon to make a full recommendation, but so far I like what I see and recommend anyone to at least check it out. (It is okay to publish my name but not any of my personal information, e-mail, phone, address, etc,. not to publish on social media sites other than LinkedIn.) Maria”

--Maria R

Sep 25, 2014