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"Quick start up. No testing. Super qualified tutor who relates well with my teens. Able to now connect via internet. ”

--Karen M

Aug 30, 2017


"Getting started was very easy. The j Irish consultation was informative and smooth. I liked that the tutor comes to your home. Our tutor was AMAZING! I really can't say enough good things about Jessica!!!!”

--Casie C

Aug 23, 2017


"I like the one-on-one attention. It allows me to understand the material better and ask plenty of questions.”

--Brandon R

Aug 16, 2017


"Personal care and concern for students”

--Michael V

Jul 26, 2017


"In-home, one-on-one. Our tutor has a good personality and it's about positively interacting with Sidney as well as teaching her.”

--Janette M

Jul 14, 2017


"our tutor really valued her time with my daughter and really explained and helped her with new techniques when practicing her reading ”

--Allison G

Jun 29, 2017


"We've been pleased with the tutors our children have had. One didn't work out, but Tutor Doctor was helpful in finding a better fit.”

--Elizabeth N

May 31, 2017


"I love the tutor that my son has ellie is so amazing with ayden and can get ayden to work and he loves workibg with her”

--Tanlynn B

May 16, 2017


"Jill who matches her tutors to your students needs. Anytime I had a question she returned my call within minutes.You also get a written email report from the actual tutor keeping you updated on what was worked on . Would highly recommend their services and will use again, if needed.”

--Sandy B

Apr 05, 2017


"A quote from the student "I get along really well with Shelby. She helps me understand things I had trouble with. Without her I would have a worse grade in math." As a parent I appreciate the way Shelby connected with my daughter, she has increased confidence and improved ability to work independently on her math work.”

--Annette C

Feb 15, 2017


"Been pleased with our tutors”

--Elizabeth N

Feb 15, 2017


"You can meet on your own time and your own terms for however long you want. ”

--Hannah Z

Feb 08, 2017


"good experienced tutors that come to my house”

--Mark S

Jan 05, 2017


"Flexible schedules and excellent tudors. Program is shaped on exact needs and not something close. ”

--Preston B

Jan 04, 2017


"The tutor we have i\works very well with Thaynna. Thaynna feels very comfortable with her.”

--Chris P

Dec 24, 2016


"Allison was great. Can you let me know who will take her spot? Thanks and Merry Christmas! ”

--Sherry K

Dec 22, 2016


"The tutor has accommodated my son's busy schedule and he has clearly helped my son improve his pre calc grade. Very knowledgeable. ”

--Tom M

Dec 20, 2016



--Sue G

Dec 20, 2016


"The knowledge of specific school class curiculum and that services are provided in-home.”

--Betsey J

Dec 19, 2016