Some of our latest reviews.

"Very good tutors, work around our schedule "

-- Elaine B

Apr 05, 2017

"Quality of the tutor; fair pricing"

-- Marisa N

Feb 15, 2017

"I like how the tutor dr finds the right tutor to fit the individual needs of my child."

-- Wendy C

May 25, 2016

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"the tutor”

--Michelle S

May 11, 2016


"Very professional and works well with our flexible schedule.”

--Joan M

May 09, 2016


"Our son's tutor Josh is great -- just the right wavelength for our son. Josh knows math very well, and our son likes him and wants to perform well because of Josh.”

--Carrie G

Apr 21, 2016


"The Tudor that I have is very smart and works really well with my daughter she is really an amazing person I couldn't be more happier with this company . She is a Tudor angel ...”

--Heather R

Feb 25, 2016


"Ability to communicate directly with the tutor.”

--Michelle S

Feb 10, 2016


"Great tutor!”

--Mark D

Jan 20, 2016


"I have no complains, it is a professional service, very open to hear our concerns about our children education and performance.”

--Marcos S

Nov 05, 2015


"I like that the tutor is able to come to my home at the childs convience and that they receive one on one tutoring.”

--Geanean F

Oct 29, 2015


"The tutor was available at my convenience. Overall the experience was great 👍🏽”

--Vinnett F

Sep 24, 2015


"Our son had a dramatic increase in his reading score on both the SAT and ACT after working with Tutor Doctor.”

--Timothy G

Jun 17, 2015


"The tutors were professional and very knowledgeable in their subject. My daughter felt very comfortable with them and had a great experience. Her grades and confidence improvved tremendously. I would highly recommend tutor doctor to anyone looking to improve their grades and have a good experience.”

--Geanean F

Jun 04, 2015


"Affordable, reliable and qualified tutors”

--Daryl M

Jun 04, 2015


"That you come to the house and offer flexible times”

--Betina G

Apr 30, 2015


"Very friendly and love the fact they come to my home....”

--Shontelle M

Apr 16, 2015


"Tutor Doctor set out a focused plan for my son and achieved the plan.”

--Timothy G

Mar 09, 2015


"Customized tutoring”

--Bridget H

Feb 15, 2015


"Tutors are very professional and friendly!”

--Heidi P

Feb 05, 2015