Some of our latest reviews.

"Pairing tutor compatibility to student"

-- Michele B

Sep 06, 2017

"Reliable and great with my son"

-- Julie H

Jun 07, 2017

"Math tutor Jean Marie was excellent. "

-- Deneen M

May 31, 2017

See below... more local client reviews:


"Personal attention, tailored to the needs of the student.”

--Lourdes E

May 24, 2017


"accommodating with times”

--Raelene H

May 04, 2017


"Jen is very responsive to the needs of the student and makes sure that the family feels that the tutor that is matched with the student is the right fit. The tutor are son worked with is very professional and was the right fit for our son. ”

--Jennifer W

Apr 13, 2017


"Personalized attention. Excellent tutor who gives candid and helpful feedback. You understand our son's situation and have given us reassurance that everyone's post high school track doesn't have to be the same!”

--Kristina P

Mar 29, 2017


"In home tutoring. Feedback. ”

--Sue P

Feb 01, 2017


"Well organized; great tutor; appreciate the brief update reports”

--Krista H

Jan 25, 2017


"Efficient help for SSAT practice. ”

--Sheila C

Dec 23, 2016


"Personalized,one of a kind delivery of support”

--Jennifer Q

Dec 14, 2016


"Jen works closely with you to make an individualized plan and a great tutor "fit" for your child. She herself is great at connecting with and motivating students with their plan. I highly recommend Jen and her team!”

--Bonnie C

Jul 31, 2016


"The matching process was excellent!”

--Stacie K

Jun 10, 2016


"Very experienced and knowledgeable tutors and accomodating with busy schedules”

--Nancy B

May 27, 2016


"The local owner, Jen Rosier.”

--Carla G

May 26, 2016


"Jen was great and very helpful”

--Karen C

May 11, 2016


"Focus on the students needs. Customize the tutoring to best help the student.”

--Lourdes E

May 05, 2016


"Jen takes a personal interest in the student and finding solutions that work best for them”

--Kim O

Mar 31, 2016


"Our goal was to increase confidence going into this season of testing. Tutor Doctor was easy to work with on the scheduling side and the tutor was very friendly, relaxed, positive and helpful. My daughter knows what to expect going into the test and, as an added bonus, she has learned some skills (ie. note taking, pro-active reading) that she will use for life. We have worked with Jen Rosier for years - this is our third child to go through the college process. In each case, we have felt that the individual child's needs were addressed in a very positive way. Perhaps the highest praise is that each of my children, even the boys, enjoyed going to their tutoring sessions (not to mention that their scores increased significantly!)”

--Ellie C

Mar 03, 2016


"Personalized service, good match of tutor to our daughter, good results - 10% score increase from initial assessment to final practice test.”

--Dan B

Feb 11, 2016