Some of our latest reviews.

"Kiki is great - responsive, smart and patient"

-- Kathleen D

May 03, 2017

"Flexibility and quality"

-- Nina K

Apr 15, 2017

"Very flexible and the tutor cares about the student"

-- Melisa B

Mar 15, 2017

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"Flexibility throughout the week. Things always come up on our end and having a tutor who is willing to work with us and be flexible is great.”

--Gladys H

Feb 08, 2017


"The tutor was matched with our daughter based on the discovery done during the consultation. ”

--Genice H

Jan 02, 2017


"Privacy and one on one interaction”

--Nina K

Dec 21, 2016


"Very professional and dedicated ”

--Melisa B

Dec 19, 2016


"Session reports”

--Meisha W

Jul 20, 2016


"Great Tutors, Great Customer Service”

--Julia R

Jun 22, 2016


"The professional tutors, the prompt response to questions and the ability to be flexible with tutor schedule times.”

--Jo-Ann C

Jun 02, 2016


"Personal care when selecting a tutor to match our child's needs and personality.”

--Traci L

May 05, 2016


"What I like about your service is that my child have one on one time with her tutor. Also they come to the house I work slot but it's so convenience. Best of all my daughter love it. Thank you so much.”

--Lisa H

Apr 22, 2016


"It's great”

--Kemala W

Apr 20, 2016


"I have been using their services for several years and would definitely recommend them to anyone I know. They are very attentive to my children's needs and are very expeditious and capable in finding highly qualified tutors. They are great!!”

--Michelle D

Feb 24, 2016



--Towanna L

Jan 28, 2016


"I like the fact that you looked at my child's personality and found a tutor that matched her. They work so well together and while they have fun, they also get the job done.”

--Traci L

Jan 28, 2016


"Your services are convenient and affordable. I can already see a diffrrence in my daughters confidence and in her motivation to learn. Very happy with tutor doctor.”

--Napean O

Nov 17, 2015



--Towanna L

Oct 17, 2015


"What I like about the service is the convenience. You do not have to go to them, or meet them any where. They will come to your home. Also the service is great about finding a tutor who is compatible with your child and your child's learning style.”

--Tara L

Oct 08, 2015


"Our daughter has really connected with her tutor and is excited to share her school projects with her before or after a setting. Her reading has improved significantly and she is willing to read in public more.”

--Traci L

Oct 01, 2015