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"I used your help for both my High School and College children. I both cases expectations were met and they successfully passed their final exams.”

--Sabina A

Sep 14, 2014


"That they try to match to closest tutor for your child. They say basically ask us what kind of tutor are you looking for.”

--Reshma P

Aug 28, 2014


"The initial assessment and matching of tutor and student.”

--Traci L

Aug 27, 2014


"Rob Pugh at Tutor Doctor has been a huge help for my son and me. My son has Asperger's Syndrome, and Rob has taken the time to find just the right tutor for him. Rob has also been patient with me; assuring me that the process will work, just not immediately. He was absolutely correct. Physics and Calculus were mysteries to my son, and were having a negative impact on his self esteem. After finding the right tutor, that all changed. Suddenly he finally "got it," and his whole attitude improved (not to mention his grades)! Rob has been very professional, helpful, friendly, patient, and kind. I would gladly recommend him and Tutor Doctor to any of my friends and/or colleagues.”

--Kathie M

Aug 20, 2014


"Tutors are very professional and caring. They always showed up on time and were very focused with the task at hand. They connect very well with the student and my son really saw value in the program.”

--Laura B

Jul 31, 2014


"Friendly and kind. Paying attention to customers needs.”

--Alicia A

Jul 22, 2014


"The tutor that Rob choose for Lewis was right on! Justin keeps Lewis' attention for the entire hour that he is here. He has directed Lewis in his writing and I am amazed at how confident Lewis has become with his writing. I can't say enough. Justin has done what I could never have accomplished.”

--Alida D

Jul 18, 2014


"I like that tutor doctor is so hands on with finding the right person to work with your children.”

--Michele S

Jul 09, 2014


"Tutor Doctor and the professionals they hire are wonderful. They are very willing and capable to help students rise to their potential. My entire experience has been a good one. I would recommend Tutor Doctor to anyone looking for a tutor!”

--Elizabeth A

Jun 04, 2014


"The tutor comes to your home, flexible time and professional staff”

--Kristen R

May 22, 2014


"Very Nice and Friendly”

--Crystal W

May 14, 2014


"I like the fact that you all make house calls and use the student's school curriculum. I don't know how you do it but you really did make a "magical match" when you paired my son with Malik! I think he's awesome and great interacting with my son!”

--Eriidina O

Apr 21, 2014


"Excellent tutors that are knowledgeable , on time, and very professional”

--Dawn W

Apr 10, 2014


"That the tutor is able to come to my house and is very nice and understanding of my child.”

--Alicia A

Apr 01, 2014


"Tutor is very good. Knows how to push my Son. I am pleased so far. Yes, I would recommend the tutor doctor in a heartbeat.”

--Felicia J

Mar 13, 2014


"Great tutor, very sweet and helpful! Also she is very flexible with our schedule!!!”

--Anna W

Mar 10, 2014


"Great service, flexibility, results proven”

--Karen K

Mar 06, 2014


"You worked hard to find the right match for my daughter. I have seen an increase in her self esteem and confidence. A price tag can not be placed on that. Thank you so much.”

--Barbara J

Feb 28, 2014


"This is the second time that I have used Tutor Doctor. They are interested in really helping my child succeed. I feel that we are partnering in my child's education. Mr. Rob Pugh has really been great in facilitating the process and listening to any concerns, working to find the best solution for my child. He is doing a great job and I would highly recommend this program.”

--Karen K

Nov 22, 2013


"The team is very focused on the childs individual needs.This program is very organized and they keep the parents as well as the students very informed.”

--Priscilla E

Oct 09, 2013