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"Extremely great service!! 'Is REALLY helping my son!!”

--Nancy K

Apr 24, 2013


"like the relationship the tutor has made with my daughter.”

--Christine C

Apr 03, 2013



--Jennifer M

Mar 13, 2013


"Both tutors that have worked with my son were great and thankful to have them!!!”

--Elizabeth R

Dec 07, 2012


"Everyone is easy to work with. tutors are very flexible with scheduling.”

--Bobbie Y

Dec 05, 2012


"Excellent customer service.”

--David S

Nov 14, 2012


"The traditional tutoring offered for regular student calsses. I will continue to highly recommend you along those lines. For atypical topics, like computer training and college search help, my experiences have been far less positive. Thank you for requesting feedback! Nancy”

--Nancy K

Oct 17, 2012


"The tutor looks at the way I am looking at a math problem and explains it to me in that way. This method has led to me becoming very successful in my math courses.”

--George M

Oct 06, 2012


"Finding a tutor that "clicks" with our son. Dominic is dedicated, caring, patient and works so hard to make sure that he understands.”

--Jane S

Sep 23, 2012


"There are plenty of qualified tutors to meet scheduling needs, or child placement needs.”

--Bobbie Y

Sep 05, 2012


"Professional, friendly, and comittment to the student.”

--Kathryn D

Jul 26, 2012


"Your services helped my son to realize that he actually CAN do well in school. Everyone we have met is very professional, prompt, personable and sincerely caring about my son's well being. I am very grateful we found you!!! Nancy M. Kells, CSW-R *Formerly a special education teacher”

--Nancy K

Jul 18, 2012


"They come to my home so I don't have to be running around after work”

--Joanna T

Jul 18, 2012


"I like that you find tutors to help me as a LPN to get my RN. There were some courses I was really struggling with, and I needed someone to help me get through them. My coursework is all online. I needed someone to help me understand the concepts.”

--Phil R

Jul 18, 2012


"exceptionally thorough evaluation; integration of student into development of reward/consequence; straight talk; immediate response to complaint about tutor and immediate replacement [somehow managed to find a tutor living right across the street?!]”

--Sandra S

May 12, 2012


"I like that tutor doctor goes out of their way to saticfy your needs.”

--Robert B

May 11, 2012


"They are highly effective.”

--George M

May 04, 2012



--Bobbie Y

Apr 16, 2012


"Personal attention for my daughter”

--Mary T

Apr 16, 2012


"You customize your services to the needs of the student. I am working on getting my associates degree in nursing from Excelsior College. You have given me the skills to prepare and pass my CLEP exams.”

--Phil R

Apr 11, 2012