Some of our latest reviews.

"The independent evaluation. The matching process for my child to a tutor that best complements her needs and personality. The flexibility. The house calls! Just about everything! :)"

-- Taryn T

Jun 25, 2014

"Daniel at Tutor Doctor has been truly helpful in helping my daughter get prepared to take her ACT test. He has made her feel more confident and ready to take the ACT. He provided strategies and techniques to make her feel more self-assured. With his patient and informative service, she has gained..."

-- Ron C

Jun 09, 2014

"I love how the tutor comes to our home and communicates with us on a regular basis. The tutor picked for us is a perfect match for our daughter!"

-- Michelle R

May 15, 2014

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"Great tutors and in-home service!”

--Derek V

May 01, 2014


"The convenience of having the tutor come to our home. My son is comfortable in his environment. Almost like a friend coming over to visit :)”

--Jen R

Apr 30, 2014


"My son, who is not the greatest student, actually looks forward to his tutoring sessions with Daniel. He is patient, humorous, and finds ways to discuss complex issues with my son at a level he can understand and apply to both the ACT and his general studies. My son has noted that he does a better job now when taking tests and does a better job understanding what is being asked and how to narrow down things to get to the correct answer. We would highly recommend Daniel as a tutor to other students”

--Pat S

Mar 18, 2014


"We love the personalized connection between the tutor and child. It's so important for the child to be able to feel comfortable with the right fit in personality to trust and build their confidence in themselves with the mentor on hand. This we have seen with our children and am so pleased with the progress and success of our child and the accomplishments they've made. Thank you tutor doctor!”

--Leana D

Mar 12, 2014


"Found a great tutor for us immediately”

--Sara B

Feb 05, 2014


"That the tutors are hand picked for your child and that they personalize the tutoring to fit the style that your child can adapt too. We also love the fact that they come to our house.. It makes it comfortable and much more personal.”

--Leana D

Dec 12, 2013


"the tutor is very qualified”

--Norm P

Oct 02, 2013


"Individualized approach and creative learning activities. Our instructor made it fun for our daughter. She really likes the individual attention and the safe environment to ask questions for increased understanding.”

--Janet R

Sep 13, 2013


"I really enjoy that it's private tutoring customized to my child's learning style paired with a common personality trait to my kids. The fact that your company sends out the tutors to our house is exceptional! I think with parents busy lifestyles these days, this customer service that you provide sets you apart from other companies. I also would like to add that the price packages offered is reasonable when broken down. We are very pleased with Tutor Doctor! Leana Dozer”

--Leana D

Aug 21, 2013