Some of our latest reviews.

"very convenient scheduling, We have had three different tutors and they have all given quality instruction and have been very flexible with scheduling."

-- Erin S

Jul 26, 2018

"Professional, come to my home, great feedback, motivating to student"

-- Kate C

Jul 25, 2018

"Personalized teaching."

-- Holly L

Jul 22, 2018

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"You come to our home!”

--Jenny P

Jul 05, 2018


"We love our tutor!”

--Sandy H

Jun 28, 2018


"The tutors are great. Armen and Victoria are excellent. I credit both of them for helping my son Jake achieve a high score on his ACT exam. Nancy does a great job running the program. I appreciate the reports that are completed after each session so I always know how many tutoring hours we have left. Highly recommend Tutor Doctor!”

--Laura T

Jun 16, 2018


"Our tutor has been very helpful! She has been flexible and accommodating and in tune with our tutoring needs.”

--Jeanne T

Jun 14, 2018


"Convenience of someone coming to my home. Our tutor is very organized and always has a prepared curriculum based on what my son's class is doing. She proactively monitor's his teacher's weekly announcements to ensure she can prepare him well for what is coming. I love that she did that on her own without me asking!”

--Rachel E

May 30, 2018


"The flexibility we have with our tutor when scheduling conflicts arise. The compatiblity & connection between tutor & our daughter!”

--Janette E

May 24, 2018


"Tutor comes to the student, I get an email review after each session, tutor works closely with parent to set goals with Student.”

--Audrey F

May 10, 2018


"The Tutor comes to us! We love out Tutor.”

--Amy C

May 07, 2018


"Very professional and my daughter enjoys their help without feeling intimated etc. Very positive experience so far”

--Sandra R

May 02, 2018


"Quality of tutors, Flexibility of scheduling”

--Christy M

Apr 29, 2018


"Out tutor caters to my students' needs. She welcomes our inputs. I especially like that she sometimes prepare her own lessons worksheets.”

--Holly L

Apr 27, 2018


"It's convenient.”

--Angie H

Apr 20, 2018


"In Home & our tutor is a good match for our son.”

--Delphiine K

Apr 05, 2018


"You communicate efficiently and punctually.”

--Gia D

Mar 28, 2018


"The follow up emails regarding the tutoring session that was held with my daughter. Keeps me informed as to what is being worked on .”

--Sheri L

Mar 22, 2018


"Great tutors who are professional and reliable. ”

--Laura T

Mar 20, 2018


"Ease of use. Good fit for my daughter. ”

--Kristen B

Mar 20, 2018