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"I am so incredibly pleased with my son's tutor, and how the entire process has worked from the beginning. Thank you to Chuck Hawkins and Tommy McAree { I may have that name spelled wrong } , for everything.”

--Angela L

Sep 16, 2015


"We have been very pleased with the services of Tutor Doctor. They have been very accommodating to our family's needs. Thank YOU!!!”

--Sheryl T

Sep 04, 2015


"The knowledge of the tutor we have”

--Ann R

Sep 02, 2015


"That they come to our house. They do an evaluation before they assign a tutor so that you are paired with someone who can help with your child's needs. I love the feed back on each session. Getting phone calls to see how everything is working so that they know if it was a good fit and all is running smoothly. Making the sessions fun and interesting and keeping things moving so that my child doesn't get bored. I also like that they give ideas on how they can work on things until the next session.”

--Ann-Marie W

Aug 13, 2015


"They took the time to get to know our child and her needs to match her with someone they thought would be good for her. They matched our child perfectly. She is learning and looks forward to seeing her tutor every week.”

--Heather W

Jul 24, 2015


"We have had a need to 2 tutors over the past year, one for a specific subject and then one for overall study skills and help. Both times the tutor was a perfect match for my sons personality, hobbies and skills. He listens to and accomplishes what they ask of him. As a parent trying to help and explain the same goals seemed to have fallen on deaf ears. With the help of Tutor Doctor, homework gets finished and test get studied for and I know he is understanding the concepts. Well worth it!”

--Mary M

Jun 18, 2015


"Very professional and works with crazy schedules.”

--Tanya G

Jun 17, 2015


"I liked the reports on every visit, and that we could tailor instruction as classwork and test schedules dictated. Michele Fleury was a phenomenal fit for my daughter. Her enthusiasm, and their rapport, never waned.”

--Andrea W

Jun 13, 2015


"Came to the house and you and hr tutor (Bobbie) were very responsive when she still wasn't succeeding like we'd hoped.”

--Jennifer B

Jun 06, 2015


"We love Michelle Fluery!! She really helped our daughter understand Algebra 2 for her exam.”

--Medissa C

Jun 05, 2015


"I like the fact of the convenience of the tutor to our time frame. I also like the match that was made for my kids. could not have found a better tutor.”

--Jennifer J

May 29, 2015


"Tutor is very knowledgeable”

--Ann R

May 07, 2015


"They come to the home. They also are very thorough in their search for a perfect match to the student.”

--Sheryl T

Apr 16, 2015


"You guys are very professional and cater to the needs of the student, even contacting and working with his teacher.”

--Tanya G

Apr 02, 2015


"Student has improved greatly due to pairing of teacher, he works very well with her.”

--Faye S

Apr 01, 2015


"Our tutor, Tammy is a great teacher who works well with my son. She is very attentive to his needs. All of his grades have improved and seems to have gained more confidence.”

--Moira F

Mar 18, 2015


"Tutor cones to the house and made every attempt to help with tough calculus curriculum. Effort made by tutor to help my daughter learn was appreciated.”

--Jennifer B

Mar 12, 2015


"Interviewed my child and matched her with a tutor”

--Jennifer B

Jan 08, 2015


"The "all hands on deck" mentality displayed by the tutor. She gives a 120% each time with our son and is very involved in his success.”

--Laurie S

Oct 20, 2014


"My son is already showing improvement in his understanding of geometry! We are very pleased and excited! He is participating in class because his level of understanding is improving!”

--Beatriz D

Sep 25, 2014