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--Jacsiry L

Mar 09, 2016


"Very Professional! Most of all helpful.”

--Sabrina A

Feb 17, 2016


"Our tutor is very responsible, and he has helped my son improve with study techniques and he is dedicated to help my the whole tutor time.”

--Jorge L

Jan 27, 2016


"Flexibility of the tutors, they show care and concern when dealing with my daughter, focusing on what she needs, not on what they want to teach.”

--James L

Dec 02, 2015


"Professional and caring tutors! Flexible scheduling and value of service is unmatched.”

--Donna D

Nov 30, 2015


"Quick response, thorough in explaining how Tutor Doctor works, and how to find the best tutor for my son's learning style. Our tutor has been great, and has really helped our son in math.”

--Marta R

Nov 30, 2015


"It helps my child focus on tests and do little to no mistakes at all.”

--Jorge L

Oct 16, 2015


"The owner is personally accessible and really strives to find a great fit for my child.”

--Michelle W

Sep 17, 2015


"Competent tutors and the fact they come to our home.”

--Teresa G

Jul 30, 2015


"The quality of the tutor has been excellent. He is always on time, mannerly and respectful, and works well with my 9th grade son.”

--Mark L

May 08, 2015


"Open communications with tutors .”

--Teresa G

Apr 23, 2015


"Professional and personal.”

--Donna E

Apr 01, 2015


"In home help”

--Magan F

Mar 27, 2015


"No complaints!!! Appreciate the flexibility and concern for my children's educations!!”

--Karen R

Feb 04, 2015


"DJ is always very accomadating to come when Tyler needs help for an exam. The first test after having help from DJ...Tyler made a B which was an improvement! Tyler enjoys how DJ explains things in a laid back way! Looking for to more sessions! And will recommend tutor doctor to any of my friends that are looking for a tutor!”

--Angie A

Jan 29, 2015


"Tutor comes to our home and have been flexible with schedules !”

--Teresa G

Jan 21, 2015


"My daughter was struggling with Algebra II, but after only a few sessions is doing much better,”

--Cheryl B

Dec 25, 2014


"Really took the time to assess what I needed for my daughter. I was most concerned about having the BEST match because knowing my daughter that meant how well she would process and learn from the tutor. I was specific about my wants and they delivered! My daughter looks forward to her weekly visits! Assessment is KEY before taking the next step!”

--Shaneekqua S

Dec 18, 2014


"Well they know what kind of teachers are good for you so you can learn and have the best experiences. And so far I have had amazing tutors that I learn a lot from and getting the chance to know them as people.”

--Nicole H

Dec 17, 2014


"You work around the needs of your clients.”

--Lisa C

Oct 30, 2014