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"I like the emailed progress reports and the easy accessibility to both the owner and our tutor. It is too early to tell if it is making a difference in my children's grades, however, which is why I did not yet rate them as a "10".”

--Michelle W

Apr 24, 2013


"The tutor works for you. They help you not only grow as a person, but also as a student in whatever subject you need help with. Very good service. Highly recommended.”

--Adam C

Mar 29, 2013


"Wonderful staff, prompt, excellent communication !”

--Christine S

Mar 21, 2013


"I like the tutors David has worked with, especially Quentin Hines.”

--Jackie R

Mar 13, 2013


"owner is very personable, friendly and thorough with all communication. The tutor is kind and caring and professional.”

--Michelle Z

Mar 13, 2013


"The tutors are highly skilled and very helpful. They teach the student in a way that makes it easy to learn the subject. The staff members are very friendly and very prompt in returning your phone call. I highly recommend Tutor Doctor.”

--Jeff J

Feb 14, 2013


"Tutors are very personable and professional. Great flexibility in scheduling and so convenient to have in home sessions.”

--Karen R

Jan 30, 2013


"The tutors provided have been very experienced,competent and highly qualified educators”

--Scott M

Jan 02, 2013


"Tutor comes to us!”

--Teresa G

Nov 23, 2012


"Great service!! Tutors have all been excellent- prompt and courteous and very knowledgeable. We have appreciated not only help with our current lessons, but study tips and strategies to use in future classes as well.”

--Karen R

Sep 19, 2012


"My son's tutor was very helpful and professional. She gave my son advice and suggestions that he can take with him always. I think it was well worth the time and money.”

--Christina W

Aug 23, 2012


"Professional, friendly, knowledgable and convenient!”

--Lisa S

Aug 23, 2012


"Alley was a great tutor - always prompt, friendly, and knowledgeable. I really appreciate her working around my schedule, too. She greatly assisted me in brushing up on my rusty math skills in preparation for the GRE! She was patient and knew the material well. Thank you so much!”

--Emily H

Aug 07, 2012


"It's the first time ever, after having had four other tutors during my daughters school career, which she is now in the 9th grade , that I am confident that she will be successful. I love getting the teacher feed back as well as the on going support from her tutor in correspondence with her teacher. I finally don't feel alone. Me not being a math genius my self and working full time have felt frustated not being able to help my daughter. Thank you tutor doctor for your outstanding service. We will be using this service I'm sure for the remainder of her high school years, possiably even into college.”

--Lisa F

May 21, 2012


"The tutor were professional and eager to assist.”

--Phyllis A

May 20, 2012


"A professional service that is worth every penny!”

--Marc G

May 11, 2012


"Tutor Doctor is professional, knowledgable, and very friendly! I like the convenience of the tutor coming to our home. I appreciated that Gary came out to meet us prior to the sessions to be sure he chose the right tutor for my child. We are both very pleased.”

--Lisa S

May 10, 2012


"Location flexibility”

--Crystal C

Apr 23, 2012


"tutor coming to my home. a careful match up with my son.”

--Teresa G

Apr 19, 2012


"My daughter's math skills have definitely improved and most importantly, she understands her assignments.. She actually looks forward to meeting with Kimberly. Her explanations are clear and she uses examples that a 13 year old can relate to! She has been a wonderful resource for our family and we are definitely planning on continuing with Tutor Doctor in the future. The only change we will make is to also include our younger daughter in the process.”

--Karen R

Apr 12, 2012