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"Our tutor is a great match for our son. He is enjoying his sessions, and I think it's been worth all the effort!”

--Aniseh B

May 24, 2017


"Great match and the tutor is very positive! And she emails my child's teacher weekly to find out what they are studying.”

--Jill M

May 07, 2017


"Individualized lesson plans. ”

--Doni B

Apr 07, 2017


"Very committed to helping my son.”

--Denise B

Mar 15, 2017


"Responsiveness ”

--Cass B

Feb 22, 2017


"No driving. Less time. Low cost. ”

--Kevin C

Feb 22, 2017


"Tutor Doctor works hard to find the right fit between student and tutor. We have a great tutor for our son, now, after trying a couple of other tutors out. Also, the tutor we have now is SO conscientious, and genuinely cares about our son's learning. He's very responsible about showing up for sessions and scheduling and being prepared to teach what we've asked him to cover.”

--Suzanne C

Feb 16, 2017


"I value the open communication between the parents, the tutor, and the manager.”

--Kim R

Feb 01, 2017


"The one on one. And the interacting with the student. Making it an enjoyable learning experience.”

--Pauline S

Jul 28, 2016


"As advertised. It is not often now that a service provides what is documented in contractual agreements. Tudor Doctor, both initial representation and continued service, meets all promises and occationally exceeds what is promised.”

--Catherine T

Jul 27, 2016


"great teacher match for my daughter”

--Mary H

Jul 18, 2016


"Our tutor is exactly the kind of person we were looking for to help our son with Calculus. He has been very flexible in scheduling and meeting my son's needs-he is willing to do whatever is needed to make sure my son succeeds. We couldn't have asked for a more committed tutor!”

--Pam B

Jun 02, 2016


"the tutors are patient and work well with the student”

--Allison J

Apr 21, 2016


"Stellar tutors, carefully selected to match the needs, goals and learning style of every student. Tutor Doctor goes beyond the typical tutoring service to provide a skilled and caring support team for my high school student (and her parents!). Knowing that she has such support has helped her build confidence and look forward to future courses, even in most challenging subjects.”

--Christina B

Apr 02, 2016


"It is done at home.”

--Barbara C

Mar 24, 2016


"The communication between the student and tutor. As well, as with the parents.”

--Pauline S

Mar 10, 2016


"Both tutors that have connected with our family through Tutor Doctor have been superb - even though they taught very different subjects. The folks at Tutor Doctor listened to our needs and customized their program to meet our need perfectly.”

--Jeff M

Mar 04, 2016


"Communication, flexibility, acomodating, great tutors- knowledgable and wonderful personalities.”

--Neli R

Mar 03, 2016


"Convenience. The fact that my son's tutor can meet him at school during his study hall period, the flexibility is essential.”

--Deidra M

Mar 02, 2016


"We sought a tutor through Tutor Doctor on our own family practitioner's advice, and we've been well pleased. Our son has both ADD-Inattentive type and slow processing speed, but is very bright. He needs help with keeping organized and making sure he sees and understands all parts of an equation or an assignment. The folks at Tutor Doctor have been very careful to find a "fit" between our son and a tutor that works ideally. Our first tutor was good, but realized that he couldn't spend as much time as our son needed. The Tutor Doctor then sent two different tutors with two very different approaches, admitting that one of the two was a bit of a long shot. That tutor didn't work out, but it was easy to communicate that to the Tutor Doctor people. We now have the most charming, caring, skilled, and thoughtful tutor I could ever imagine for my son. He makes up extra assignments and drills that are fun and interesting enough that my son (who's 13) actually likes doing them, and looks forward to his three hours a week with his tutor. Now, THAT'S amazing. His grades have gone up and his work habits have improved. I couldn't recommend the Tutor Doctor as a source for finding the best tutors for your kids more highly.”

--Suzanne C

Feb 26, 2016