Some of our latest reviews.

"My son really likes our match. He is starting to feel more confident in his work. Yes, it is a lot of money, but so worth it! "

-- Nikki P

Jan 16, 2019

"I like the convenience of a really professional tutor coming to my house. I like that Cindy Touchberry has made a real difference in my daughters reading abilities."

-- Vanessa W

Dec 20, 2018

"River has been a fantastic tutor and my son has really benefited from the teaching. "

-- Chauntea W

Dec 19, 2018

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"The safety knowing the person we are getting to work with our child has already been checked out and approved. The fact that we have been hopefully matched up well with the tutor.”

--Kathleen L

Dec 13, 2018


"Tutor Doctor is incredible. They quickly matched my son with a life changing tutor. I’m so grateful”

--Kathy O

Dec 13, 2018


"The tutor has been instrumental in improving our daughter's confidence in math. Thank you! ”

--Beth F

Nov 29, 2018


"Ms. Sonja is so compassionate, fun yet keeps Connor moving forward”

--Sarah M

Nov 29, 2018


"The services are professional and get results.”

--Diana W

Nov 28, 2018


"Jessica is great with our son. She has really helped him overcome his dislike for Algebra 2. She is always on time and very good with communication. I also like that Margaret calls and checks in on things and is there for support if need be. I’m happy we found the Tutor Doctor!”

--Billie D

Nov 28, 2018


"That they come to my house”

--Tiffany I

Nov 07, 2018


"I appreciate that you come to my home.”

--Tanya V

Nov 01, 2018


"We are very pleased with Mr. Touchberry our tutor. He is amazing! ”

--Rosa M

Sep 27, 2018


"I feel the services have improved my son's reading skills. We also love Ms. Cami. My son trusts her and feels comfortable with her. She makes learning fun”

--Patsy W

Sep 27, 2018


"It works and that the tutor comes to my house ”

--Vanessa W

Sep 20, 2018


"My son has less stress and likes his sessions. ”

--Chauntea W

Sep 19, 2018


"Convenient and flexibility ”

--Jacqueline B

Aug 29, 2018


"Your tutor that works with my son is super wonderful!! She super knowledgeable and knows how to work with him. I would have her work with him all throughout the school year if I could afford it. ”

--Amie T

Aug 09, 2018


"They are very flexible in that they meet in your home and work very well with my student who has a very difficult time with focus and concentration.”

--April R

Aug 09, 2018


"Our tutor, Ciny Touchberry is wonderful! I also like the convenience of her coming to our house opposed to taking my daughter to tutoring.”

--Vanessa W

Jul 07, 2018


"That my son is getting a second chance at learning that works for him. He also really likes his tutor and is very comfortable with her. They seem to fit”

--Patsy W

Jun 28, 2018