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"Curriculum and amazing personal tutoring.”

--Ryan H

Feb 08, 2018


"My daughter and I LOVE Allie. She's been extremely helpful in not only math but other subjects my daughter is struggling in. I appreciate that she has been flexible in working with our schedules.”

--Meredith E

Feb 01, 2018


"I love that it is personalized to my sons needs and it is one on one. ”

--Karen M

Jan 31, 2018



--Teaira E

Jan 26, 2018


"Good interactive tutoring with professionalism and patience with children. Thanks ”

--Rom Y

Jan 24, 2018


"The way you are able to match up each child to the best teacher for maximum results. ”

--Ray S

Jan 10, 2018


"That tutors are matched to the child based on strengths personality.”

--Jennifer B

Jan 10, 2018


"Great tutor who has the patience to repeat concepts over and over again.”

--Sharon H

Jan 03, 2018


"They matched my son with a tutor that is perfect for him. ”

--Stacey L

Dec 22, 2017


"Our tutor, Ms. Skains, is so warm and patient and our son has a great time working with her. ”

--Kimberlee C

Dec 16, 2017


"Competent, friendly, flexible tutor”

--Jacqueline B

Dec 06, 2017


"tutoring takes place at our home; our tutor is easy to work with and connects with my daughter”

--Jeanne L

Oct 02, 2017


"Great tutor empathetic and caring and knowledgeable good feedback”

--Max N

Sep 27, 2017


"Tutors are knowledgeable and have good interaction with my sons tutoring.”

--Rom Y

Sep 27, 2017


"The time taken to connect student with the tutor for the right fit.”

--Kim H

Sep 20, 2017


"Friendly, caring and patient ”

--Kimberlee C

Sep 13, 2017


"The tutor and the reports☺”

--Vanessa W

Aug 30, 2017


"Our tutor has been working with our child for about 3 1/2 weeks now. She is kind and patient, and she has established a very nice working relationship with our child. She sets firm boundaries, but the two of them are clearly having some fun together and we hear occasional laughter and giggling coming from the study room. The session summaries are informative. We are hopeful that our child will experience significant progress in reading comprehension and fluency as she works with the tutor over the coming months. Given the positive start to the relationship between the tutor and our child, we expect good results! ”

--Cliff B

Aug 16, 2017


"Excellent quality of tutoring, professionalism of staff, helpful, organized, reliable.”

--Maureen S

Aug 03, 2017


"in home tutoring, perfectly matched with a tutor, organized, tutor session reports are fantastic, seeing my child improve ”

--Ashley R

Jun 29, 2017