Read Tutor Doctor Colorado-Springs Reviews


"Personalized experienced to the needs of my son had a great match very professional and courteous”

--Jill A

Dec 19, 2016


"That the tutor comes to your home. Works with our schedule. Immediate results.”

--Lisa G

Jul 21, 2016


"Convenient, effective, my children really enjoy the sessions. Very pleased.”

--Sara M

Jul 13, 2016


"You fit the tech er to the student.”

--Leslie H

Jul 07, 2016


"Our tutor, Dominick González, is extremely professional yet personable and is able to connect to my son in a way that he can relate to the material and learn which he cannot do with other tutors nor his teacher. We have been extremely happy with Dominick and the services he has provided us!”

--Cheryl S

May 20, 2016


"Great match of a tutor with our daughter. We LOVED Katie!”

--Jennifer C

May 19, 2016


"Professional, timely and very engaging”

--Mary D

May 12, 2016


"Extremely satisfied with the tutor and her ability to make learning fun. It has built our son's confidence and he likes to do homework!”

--Alice M

Apr 28, 2016


"Great experience with tutors...punctual, friendly, knowledgeable”

--Rebecca G

Apr 27, 2016


"Very professional; committed to getting an excellent match for our needs; Margaret and tutors exceeded my expectations; tutors come to you, one on one, and less expensive than Sylvan”

--Cindy B

Apr 20, 2016


"Tutor Doctor customizes to the needs of its clients.”

--Diana W

Mar 16, 2016


"Very professional. Great post session write up on what the session was about and very patient”

--Jack W

Mar 16, 2016


"I am thrilled with the way Tutor Doctor found the perfect tutor for my daughter. It was a great match and we are seeing some encouraging results!”

--Lisa F

Mar 16, 2016


"Amber is very personable and works well with my child. He speaks highly of her and their working together.”

--Calvin H

Mar 13, 2016


"That you try and fit the personality of the kid not just cookie cutter teaching.”

--Leslie H

Mar 10, 2016


"This service has been awesome! They have addressed my child's needs and self confidence. This is our second year with Tutor Doctor and we will continue to use them.”

--Cristal O

Mar 10, 2016


"It is individual and personal.”

--Sharon D

Mar 09, 2016


"I love that the tutor comes to the house. The one on one tutoring is what my son responds to best.”

--Vanessa M

Feb 25, 2016


"The tutoring is helping decrease stress level my son feels about school.”

--Bronwyn W

Feb 19, 2016


"We were given a great match for our daughter to help her with Algebra. Katie has been a wonderful mentor, supporter and role model. She's always very encouraging and provides strategies to help with test anxiety, studying and problem solving.”

--Jennifer C

Feb 18, 2016