Read Tutor Doctor Conejo-Valley Reviews


"We were matched with a wonderful tutor.”

--Leann S

Apr 10, 2016


"We like your service very much”

--Dinesh H

Mar 31, 2016


"Great service and great Tutors”

--Jem H

Mar 25, 2016


"Rebecca is sweet and patient with my child. She makes review lots of fun.”

--Christy N

Mar 23, 2016


"Very accomodative, understanding”

--Jayashree J

Mar 23, 2016


"I really like the tutor working with us.”

--Cristina R

Mar 09, 2016


"Professional and highly qualified. Friendly and knowledgeable”

--Natalie F

Feb 29, 2016


"Every step of the way we were taken care of! My son raised a grade in two weeks from our tutor Alexandra's care. Much appreciated! We will be continuing and recommending.”

--Marnee M

Jan 27, 2016


"The tutor we have is very good and works with my son very well. He is polite and always on time.”

--Mary R

Jan 21, 2016


"Results speak by itself, my granddaughter went from a D to a B in 2.5 months. We are really happy”

--Laura V

Jan 14, 2016


"The tutors are reliable and knowledgeable. As a teacher, that is very important. They are very flexible and always willing to work with my needs.”

--Dawn M

Jan 13, 2016


"My daughter has really benefited from the tutors she has this year. She is looking forward to starting up again with them. Thank you Tutor Doctor!”

--Pam R

Jan 08, 2016


"Prompt, professional, knowledgeable, has good rapport with my son.”

--Anna V

Jan 06, 2016


"Great job. Really helpful”

--Natalie F

Dec 31, 2015


"Easy communication and flexible. My son's grades have improved.”

--Rebecca S

Dec 17, 2015


"Quick to response”

--Salfree S

Dec 10, 2015


"Dependable, and profesional.”

--NiColle H

Nov 25, 2015


"Reliable, knowledgable and pleasant tutor. We are still in the process but would be happy to evaluate results when our sessions are completed.”

--Kelli N

Nov 19, 2015


"I love the detailed report of each session that is promptly emailed to me.”

--Leann S

Nov 19, 2015


"We just started with a tutor doctor for our kids. Kids are very happy and are already making progress in their class. We would like our Tutor to also help us with teaching science concepts and start taking kids to their next level according to their respective grade and skill level. Thanks for the great support.”

--Anil C

Nov 12, 2015