Read Tutor Doctor Conejo-Valley Reviews


"It works”

--NiColle H

Jan 29, 2015


"Friendly, caring, tutor comes to our house”

--Donna L

Jan 11, 2015


"Very professional. Tries to understand the student and the parents needs at the same time.”

--Randa D

Jan 07, 2015


"The pleasant personality of the tutor is number one. Also, the ability and willingness to be experimental and not rigid, in order to best match the individuals learning style.”

--Shelly V

Dec 28, 2014


"Excellent! Reliable service. Caring tutors. Thorough. Hands on.”

--Holly S

Dec 25, 2014


"They get to you , to meet you and help with your needs.”

--Julia B

Dec 03, 2014


"The care that goes into finding the right match.”

--Rebecca S

Nov 13, 2014


"Josh is awesome”

--Juliana C

Nov 13, 2014


"Convenience, knowledgeable tutors, no hassle about paying each time, results.”

--Michele F

Nov 05, 2014


"Very professional. They have the best interest for the student and gives great advice. Best of all, tries to match the best tutor for the student.”

--Randa D

Nov 04, 2014


"very reliable and very qualified”

--Sean P

Oct 29, 2014


"We are happy with our tutor. My son likes working with her.”

--Biliana P

Oct 09, 2014


"My child looks forward to her tutoring sessions. It is always a bonus when kids find learning enjoyable!”

--Christy N

Sep 25, 2014


"Love the tutor Daniel Park. He is a wonderful person, and my kids are enjoying working with him”

--Maureen S

Sep 16, 2014


"very happy with service.”

--Pam J

Aug 28, 2014


"Consistent times, timely feedback about my child's progress”

--Michele F

Aug 21, 2014


"Very professional.”

--Jennifer M

Aug 06, 2014


"The tutor assigned to my daughter is a perfect match. He is very knowledgable and he provides a very encouraging environment for her learning.”

--Christy N

Jul 24, 2014


"Well educated and experience individuals to match your child's needs...”

--Edbajar V

Jun 29, 2014


"I love the kind and patient tutors, and Peter's attention to connecting the right tutor with the needs of the individual student. Also, I like the flexibility to go on vacation and interrupt the sessions temporarily.”

--Shelly V

Jun 13, 2014