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"Good consistency and reliability.”

--Marjorie A

May 21, 2016


"Convenience, one on one attention”

--Cathy M

May 19, 2016


"You work hard to find a tutor that matches the needs of each student. Christine is doing a great job with Jade. He is challenging!”

--Noelle L

May 18, 2016


"Professional. Courteous. Responsive. Committed to excellence.”

--Melissa B

May 12, 2016


"Services are fast & they matched my daughter with someone who is compatible to her.”


Apr 21, 2016


"Tutors were dedicated and very good”

--Robert P

Apr 07, 2016


"So professional. Amazing tutors. They all treat you like family. I would tell anyone to sign up with them!!!”

--Jennifer D

Apr 07, 2016


"Very accommodating for us”


Mar 31, 2016


"Ryan is amazing!!”

--Kristen G

Mar 09, 2016


"I like Tutor Doctor because not only does this program make it easy for me and my schedule but my tutor is very understanding towards me and i think that that is extremely important when finding a tutor because being able to have a connection with your turor is always better. And Tutor Doctor did an amazing job at choosing the right tutor for me. Thank you ! -Bev F.”


Feb 25, 2016


"Prompt, friendly, professional service. Thank you!”

--Megan G

Feb 05, 2016


"Very friendly owner and tutor”

--Bethanie P

Jan 14, 2016


"We like the organization of materials, processes and communications and the quality of out tutor.”

--Nicole C

Jan 08, 2016


"The teachers are extremely bright and helpful, and they have a nice rapport with my kids. They have helped us a lot in the past, and we would be happy to recommend them to anyone!”

--Jami Z

Dec 30, 2015


"Professional. Positive comments and feedback concerning my student and their work. I am not Jeff Goss he is the principal of Rogers High School in Newport, RI I am Linda Halliday Moitoza, School Counselor. You tutored my student. I facilitated the tutoring and gave the number of Tutor Doctor to my principal when I was referred from the treatment center. It was a very efficient process which I would use again.”

--Jeffrey G

Dec 03, 2015


"I like the daily updates. And the instructors”

--Robert P

Oct 08, 2015


"That the lessons are scheduled based on what is convenient for my family's needs and that the tutors have been vetted.”

--Thomas T

Aug 06, 2015



--Dena O

Aug 03, 2015


"Professional, Fast and Targeted Response”

--Wendy R

Jul 14, 2015


"Everything. The match between my son and his tutor was absolutely perfect. She did a wonderful job getting him back on track, which was a huge relief to us.”

--Maria W

Jun 17, 2015