Some of our latest reviews.

"Our tutor"

-- Michelle C

May 16, 2018

"The tutor takes the time to learn what the learning goals are and tailors the lessons accordingly. Then, after each session, there is a detailed report on how the session went, improvement areas and areas still needing improvement. Plus, the tutor selected for my daughter really resonates with her ..."

-- Susan M

May 16, 2018

"Very knowledgeable itors and flexible "

-- Jennifer S

May 16, 2018

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"Great experience. Highly qualified tutor”

--Mitchell B

May 16, 2018


"I love how easy it is to find someone who is qualified to work with my children. Communication is great and payments are easy.”

--Emily A

May 10, 2018


"The flexibility in payment options, the quality tutors, the highly friendly staff and keeping me informed of my son's weekly progress with his sessions! Overall, the high level of consistent communication.”

--Marnita D

May 10, 2018


"I like that the tutors come to your home. Matches are found pretty quickly.”

--Cindy F

May 06, 2018


"Kara, our current tutor, is the best!”

--Meghan V

May 03, 2018


"I like the fact that the tutor comes to my home at a time that is convenient for my family.”

--Allen V

May 02, 2018


"Flexibility in schedule, patient and helpful tutor.”

--Heather F

Apr 12, 2018


"Convenient, all the people I met were super polite - Its really great that we can use the same block of hours that we purchase and transfer them to other children in our family and even switch subjects. Like that feature a lot.”

--Colleen E

Mar 29, 2018


"One on one tutoring they match the kid and teacher pretty well they work with you financially also tutor doctor is a great company”

--DP O

Mar 28, 2018


"high level of service & quick response time, very good at assessing needs and working until client is satisfied”

--Anna C

Mar 21, 2018


"Family oriented. Result oriented. Small business”

--Angela N

Mar 20, 2018


"Personalized to your kids needs”

--Berlissa A

Mar 20, 2018


"Our tutor has been extraordinarily professional and knowledgeable. We are SO pleased!”

--Jen M

Mar 20, 2018


"Knowledgeable, friendly and responsive tutors!”

--Kara T

Mar 14, 2018


"My daughter loves her tutors, I love their flexibility and feedback I get after each session.”

--Kristin H

Mar 14, 2018


"Great communication and always arriving on time. New ideas for learning every session. Progress reports. ”

--Leanne A

Mar 13, 2018


"In my home. One on one instruction.”

--Courtney L

Mar 12, 2018