Some of our latest reviews.

"Tutor Doctor hires qualified tutors to address the scholastic needs of your child or yourself and are very thorough when gathering information regarding the present needs for the subject matter at hand! Thank you Tutor Doctor!"

-- Wendy K

Oct 17, 2018

"It is provided in-home and the matching factors that are assessed before assigning the tutor."

-- Damon P

Oct 10, 2018

"Availability, cost and customer service!"

-- Marnita D

Sep 26, 2018

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"If feels like you listen and try really hard to accommodate our needs ;-)”

--Kelly J

Sep 26, 2018


"The flexibility ”

--Berlissa A

Sep 20, 2018


"The availability of the tutors, the depth of help my child receives ”

--Carmella S

Sep 19, 2018


"They match up your child very well with what their needs are and fines a great tutor that fits that category”

--DP O

Sep 19, 2018


"The flexibility ”

--Mary T

Sep 12, 2018


"Consistency. Reports. ”

--Leanne A

Sep 12, 2018


"Our tutor, Kara, is great with all of our kids from kidney thru 5th grade. She makes it fun and is flexible.”

--Meghan V

Sep 05, 2018


"I like the way she teach my son Carrie is super nice and really responsable my son loves her and he is learning alot since carrie comes to our house ”

--Stephanie G

Aug 31, 2018


"It’s been very easy to use and my swim really likes his tutor Ruthie. ”

--Nicolette P

Aug 08, 2018


"Hard working thoughtful kind tutor. Helps he comes to our home. ”

--Jenny L

Aug 08, 2018


"My daughters scores improved, using the tools Tudor Doctor gave her during test taking.”

--Kristina M

Jul 26, 2018


"The flexibility and 1:1”

--Courtney L

Jul 12, 2018


"Flexible hours, tutor is great”

--Marc T

Jul 05, 2018


"My son was able to get back on track and overcome many hurdles and poor homework habits. He became more confident and was able to strategize his homework without being overwhelmed with all that comes with being a high school student. It has made him eager to participate in classroom conversations and has gotten better feedback from his teachers. It’s just what he needed to prepare him for college. ”

--Ramona V

Jun 27, 2018


"you were able to work us in quickly and made a perfect match for my daughter as her previous experience very pleased again this time thanks so much”

--Mary K

Jun 20, 2018


"My daughter is improving in math rapidly, I immediately noticed it in her grades. Kenneth the tutor is great asking her questions to have her think hard and have her come up with the answer after he has shown to her how to solve problems. His personality is a great fit for our family. ”

--Diana C

Jun 13, 2018


"You take the time to find a good match for my kids. ”

--Kent B

Jun 13, 2018