Some of our latest reviews.

"Our tutor is GREAT and my daughter has learned a lot and math doesnt involve tears anymore. He’s also very flexible with our crazy schedule"

-- Gina R

Nov 22, 2017

"There are professional and they care about the student."

-- Carolyn S

Nov 22, 2017

"The professionalism and reliability of everyone we have been in contact with at Tutor Doctor."

-- Karen G

Nov 08, 2017

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"I like that you send someone out to match a tutor and a family. ”

--Kris C

Nov 01, 2017


"Willing to work around daughters schedule ”

--Mike Y

Oct 18, 2017


"Easy to communicate with the tutor as well as the office personnel. I like that the tutor comes to the home for the session and the tutor is dedicated to the task at hand.”

--Jean W

Oct 09, 2017


"service, tutors”

--John A

Oct 08, 2017


"The service that tutor that my daughter receives are amazing. Tailored to our needs and concerns. ”

--Leslie V

Oct 06, 2017


"The flexibility and the quality of the tutors”

--Berlissa A

Sep 27, 2017


"They deliver personal services that's tailored to each individual child.”

--Jinnie T

Sep 20, 2017


"They work with you one-on-one reliable and try very hard to find a tutor that works around your schedule”

--DP O

Sep 20, 2017


"I really love our Tutor Renee Farrar. She is really good and just a perfect fit for my daughter. I like the fact that the tutoring is one on one and in our home. I like the flexibility of using the hours when we need them and don't lose them. All and all we are very happy with Tutor Doctor. Thank you.”

--Leslie G

Sep 14, 2017


"My daughter has done quite well with the extra help, we have been extremely happy with Tutor Doctor!”

--Julie M

Sep 06, 2017


"I like how they match your child with a great tutor and they are professional at what they do.”

--Carolyn S

Aug 28, 2017


"Kristin is awesome with Mike”

--Julie C

Aug 23, 2017



--Maud O

Aug 16, 2017


"Personal one-on-one services that are tailored to the students needs.”

--Dennis G

Aug 02, 2017


"Honesty and flaxibility”

--Kris C

Jul 27, 2017


"Caring and great service”

--Adelaida G

Jul 26, 2017


"the tutor my daughter is working with not only knows the material well, but was flexible with scheduling as were the office staff. ”

--Kathy B

Jul 20, 2017