Some of our latest reviews.

"Personal service focus on where my kids needs are"

-- Matthew M

Aug 16, 2019

"I am at highly recommend to the doctor and Miss Kathy is great. The others aren’t really a match for Mari so I would be likely to recommend tutor doctor but not as likely."

-- Constance W

Aug 15, 2019

"The 2 Representatives I have worked with (Greg and Teaghan) have been wonderful. Honest, open, professional and dedicated. I feel like they are truly interested in my Son's success. And...we are seeing improvement not only in his practice test scores I can sense a new found confidence that I hope h..."

-- Dave R

Jul 10, 2019

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"It's so nice the tutor can come to your home!”

--Shalimar G

Jun 20, 2019


"Flexible, tailored, helpful and detailed post-session reports. ”

--Allison G

Jun 19, 2019


"The tutor Arian was really good and patient with my son”

--Cindy M

May 25, 2019


"Very detailed, great for kids, and the instructors are amazing. ”

--Heather P

May 22, 2019


"Flexible, can use hours when you need them”

--Marla B

May 22, 2019



--Gene R

May 16, 2019


"Easy to set up. Helping with current lessons vs pushing your own lesson plan. ”

--Heather R

May 15, 2019



--Suzanne P

May 08, 2019


"Tutors are knowledgeable and are professional, always arrive on time, and communicate well.”

--Marla S

May 07, 2019


"timely responses communicative supportive”

--(A) F

May 02, 2019


"The matching of tutor to student and how flexible the schedule is.”

--Laurie Z

May 01, 2019


"You worked hard to find us a terrific tutor!”

--Lauren K

May 01, 2019


"Berkley is a wonderful tutor. Good communicator and flexible. Great match for us.”

--Dawn H

May 01, 2019


"Our tutor is so knowledgeable, very kind, and flexible with hours!”

--Brenda N

Apr 25, 2019


"Love the tutors we have had”

--Stephanie S

Apr 24, 2019


"The one on one work to address the specific issues my son is having rather than lumping him into a group setting where he doesn’t fit”

--Liz W

Apr 18, 2019


"Fantastic staff and tutors!”

--Erin S

Apr 18, 2019