Read Tutor Doctor Greater-Nashville-Area Reviews


"Excellent match! We love ms. Vicki”

--Julie H

Oct 15, 2014


"in-depth evaluation of student for best possible partnering with tutor”

--Joel H

Sep 26, 2014


"The convenience of having the tutor work with my child at home is a huge plus! The tutor we used was absolutely wonderful! Now that our tutoring sessions are completed, I'm observing to see how my child uses what she learned with the tutor's help.”

--Stephen O

Aug 29, 2014


"Excellent communication and the tutor was an excellent match.”

--Steve P

Jun 30, 2014


"The teachers are the best!”

--Judy L

May 22, 2014


"Having one-on-one attention, and having that at home, is wonderful. Also, matching the needs of the student with the skills of a tutor makes the tutoring process so much more efficient.”

--Stephen O

May 01, 2014


"The tutor doctor was quick to find not one but Two tutors for my daughter. She was being tutored Within a week of the request and the tutors were A perfect match. They were also very flexible at Short notice”

--Samantha L

Mar 06, 2014


"So far it seems to be helping my child tremendously.”

--Judy L

Feb 20, 2014


"Personally, I like it because Linzee enjoys having her tutor come and help her. She is exceptionally increasing her chances to enrich her education due to the connection that they pocess. Her tutor comes and helps her greatly by comparing the questions to softball in any way, shape, or form. Linzee greatly appreciates her time and effort to help her on the ACT.”

--Robert P

Feb 20, 2014


"There has been great communication and my child feels comfortable with the tutor and is enjoying the activities that are brought to our home. I appreciate the effort that goes into picking the right person to help my child. My son says "it's awesome". Thank you.”

--Steve P

Feb 20, 2014


"Open communication quality teachers and progress.”

--James B

Feb 16, 2014


"I like the thoroughness of the tutor and the sales person.”

--Peter H

Feb 13, 2014


"The one on one interaction with my child has really boosted her confidence, which then has transferred into the classroom.”

--Stephen O

Jan 29, 2014


"The attentiveness and flexibility to our child's needs.”

--Robert J

Jan 14, 2014


"The Baily it communicate what you think your child needs. You can transfer services from one child to another. My son likes his tutor a lot.”

--James B

Nov 26, 2013


"Personal attention and responsiveness.”

--Byron C

Sep 25, 2013


"The one on one attention my child receives from her tutor. The tutor is strictly and totally focused on my chid.”

--Canary G

Sep 18, 2013


"We have had 3 tutors and all have been well qualified. I appreciate that when I raise a complaint it is addressed (ie. Kerri did a wonderful job with school organization and study skills). This company is run with integrity and they stand behind what they promise. My only complaint remains availability of tutors in our area since we are a ways outside of Nashville.”

--Judy B

Aug 16, 2013


"One on one with students and individualize learning plans.”

--Bobby P

Jul 07, 2013


"Responsive, quick and good quality tutors.”

--Byron C

Jun 04, 2013