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"The complete help from the tutor.”

--Kristine M

Jul 30, 2015


"Very personalized and responsive to the needs of the student.”

--Randy Z

May 12, 2015


"Personal, geared to the individual child, non-judgmental, patient.”

--Heather H

Apr 23, 2015


"The keeping on task that Tutor Doctor puts in place. Our tutor is very good and works well with son. His math star test score went from 76% prior Tutor Doctor to 93% after 4 weeks with Tutor Doctor. Excellent progress!”

--Bill R

Apr 16, 2015


"Mr Bolin and staff are honest and dedicated in the development of my children. I appreciate the ambition in the tutors because that's what we need more people with drive for excellence.”

--Venetta R

Mar 30, 2015