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"Great tutors They come to your home, which is convienient.”

--Kim H

Sep 20, 2017


"Tutoring has really helped my daughter with Calculus. She feels more confident and is doing better.”

--Ivana D

Apr 19, 2017


"works with your schedule”

--Brenda M

Mar 15, 2017


"Friendly tutors, flexible schedules, tutor connects with student well, works with our curriculum ”

--Jodie H

Dec 24, 2016


"Very nice people and can work around my schedule”

--Amy Y

Feb 24, 2016


"Brandon found a tutor is a perfect match for my daughter. Our tutor Ben has been a Godsend!”

--Lisa S

Jan 14, 2016



--Brenda M

Jan 14, 2016


"Personalized sessions, come to your home, really get to know student.”

--Heather H

Jan 13, 2016


"You do what you advertise and prompt delivery of service”

--John D

Dec 12, 2015


"It's flexible with our schedules, feedback from the tutor and communication with the teacher. The weekly reports to keep the parents informed on what exactly is happening within the sessions, and how to improve student performance.”

--Kevin M

Nov 19, 2015


"The tutor helps me to understand and learn the material, rather than just giving me the answers.”

--Danyel W

Nov 14, 2015


"Brandon is very personable. I could tell that he cared about is business right away just speaking to him. He also cares about his clients and their wishes. He was prompt and "got the job" done.”

--Laura S

Oct 29, 2015


"Ben (our daughters tutor) has increased her understanding significantly. He works on what her needs are, not pre-canned curriculum that doesn't help her in her classes. He comes right to the house. I can't say enough good things!”

--Lisa S

Oct 07, 2015


"Personalized service in my home.”

--Heather H

Oct 01, 2015


"The documented follow up to the meetings sessions is very thorough and helpful updates for parents. Also, seems to be a very professional, organized group”

--Jim M

Aug 28, 2015


"It caters to individual learning needs and most effective styles of teaching for the student. The tutoring also works well with my schedule.”

--Joanna B

Aug 20, 2015


"The complete help from the tutor.”

--Kristine M

Jul 30, 2015


"Very personalized and responsive to the needs of the student.”

--Randy Z

May 12, 2015


"Personal, geared to the individual child, non-judgmental, patient.”

--Heather H

Apr 23, 2015


"The keeping on task that Tutor Doctor puts in place. Our tutor is very good and works well with son. His math star test score went from 76% prior Tutor Doctor to 93% after 4 weeks with Tutor Doctor. Excellent progress!”

--Bill R

Apr 16, 2015