Some of our latest reviews.

"Your tutors are great! We love Linda. Her delivery is spectacular and our son has truly benefitted from his experience with her. "

-- Lisa A

Jul 04, 2018

"Geared to our specific needs, flexible and great tutoring!"

-- Maureen K

Apr 18, 2018

"The Tutor we use, Lucy, is wonderful. She is very patient with my son, takes all the time he needs to complete tasks, and her communication skills with my son are effective."

-- Ken S

Jan 18, 2018

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"We like how our tutor is such a great match with both our kids!! She is fantastic!”

--Kelly M

Jan 03, 2018


"Our tutor is awesome. Within just a couple of weeks we can see an improvement in his work, and more importantly his motivation. We couldn’t be happier!”

--Susan L

Dec 21, 2017


"Responsive ”

--Judy S

Nov 29, 2017


"Tutor has a great working relationship with my granddaughter.”

--Cathy O

Nov 22, 2017


"Our Tutor is awesome and always responsive. ”

--Sherani S

Sep 06, 2017


"The service was personal and convenience for my tutoring. I would recommend your service.”

--Donna P

Aug 03, 2017


"Great tutor”

--Kari E

Jun 07, 2017


"Excellent service and results. This service meets a specific tutoring need. I would recommend this service for any student. ”

--Kim C

May 31, 2017


"Flexible friendly knowledgeable ”

--Nina H

May 23, 2017


"Very focused on what she needs to do well on the standardized tests”

--Jennifer Z

May 01, 2017


"Tutors are excellent!”

--Renee C

Apr 12, 2017


"The tutors are knowledgeable and kind. The one-on-one format is helpful, as well as coming to our house. We have been very pleased with both tutors.”

--Shannon W

Apr 07, 2017


"We really like our tutor. She is flexible, patient and works well with our two teenage sons. She literally is an answer to prayer. I also like the way Tutor Doctor is set up so we don't have to handle money each session. ”

--Regina B

Apr 02, 2017


"The entire process has been very professional and my daughter really connects with the tutor that was selected for her.”

--Sherani S

Mar 14, 2017


"Our tutor is very knowledgeable on the high school subjects our granddaughter needs help with, and is usually flexible if we need to change our time due to an appointment.”

--Cathy O

Mar 13, 2017


"Professional and personal ”

--Cindy H

Mar 04, 2017


"The young man who is my son's tutor is great. He is patient and helps my son stay alert and engaged in his work. ”

--Catherine O

Feb 17, 2017