Read Tutor Doctor Harrisburg Reviews


"It's a great service and makes it very convenient for the tutors to come to the house. The pricing is a bit hefty but that is understood with the travel factor.”

--Jordan D

Aug 10, 2015


"You provide knowledgable teachers who are professional and flexible with scheduling.”

--Ann B

Aug 05, 2015


"Our tutor so far has been very prompt, gets right down to business with our son, and is very warm, friendly, and engaging with him. She takes a genuine interest in him.”

--Christopher W

Jul 16, 2015


"Friendly and patient”

--Jeff J

Apr 09, 2015


"Our tutor is patient and professional.”

--Billie H

Mar 12, 2015


"My son's tutor is doing an outstanding job, and has.very quickly zeroed in on his needs. His grades are already improving.”

--Tammy L

Feb 20, 2015


"We were in need of a tutor that would fit into our schedule and give our child one on one assistance. Tutor Doctor provides that. Also we have a tutor who is pleasant and seems committed to helping our child in areas she needs more practice/help with.”

--Billie H

Dec 11, 2014


"Flexibility. Our tutor is very good, a great match to my son.”

--Lynn W

Oct 30, 2014


"Just GREAT”

--Mike S

Oct 05, 2014


"One on one sessions with experienced faculty. Personalized sessions that benefit the student.”

--Danette J

Sep 25, 2014


"we like tutor doctor cause they have knowledgeable, reliable people working for them and they are very good with our kids.”

--Abdul M

Sep 24, 2014


"Friendly, knowledgeable, not pushy”

--Trish S

Aug 21, 2014


"Srini Muralidhar went above and beyond what he is required to do. We signed up for help with our son's SAT essay writing. Srini did everything possible to help our son with Math and Reading also like delivering books and getting a free assessment of a practice SAT test. We are convinced that he personally like to see kids be successful in their studies/future.”

--George J

Aug 06, 2014


"Open communication. Commitment to achieving results.”

--David S

Jun 29, 2014


"I like the fact that your tutors come out to our house and are flexible enough to work around our schedules. I brought our son to another tutoring company and the closes one to our home was 45 mins away. That took a lot of time away from getting homework done, had to eat on the run and late nights, but I did it to help him - then the company closes its doors!”

--Dianne P

Mar 13, 2014


"Constant communication, progress reports”

--Karen D

Jan 30, 2014