Some of our latest reviews.

"Match tutor to kids needs, flexible hours, Jinu really cares about making the right match."

-- Michelle C

Jun 04, 2017

"TD did a great job pairing up our child with Shelly. She is phenomenal! The kids would happily come in from playing with their friends to spend time with her."

-- Matt S

May 31, 2017

"Both Tutors Shelly Mckenzie and Joe Wood have really helped both children this year in reading and in math. Joe did so well with my daughter that she passed the STARR math test for the first time ever"

-- Courtney W

May 24, 2017

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"Tutors are helping my son understand the subjects.”

--Susan G

Mar 01, 2017


"In home environment ”

--Shelby N

Feb 22, 2017


"Shelly, our tutor, was a perfect match. She's phenomenal.”

--Matt S

Feb 22, 2017


"We have had several different tutors, and all have provided what my kid needed at the given point in time.”

--Sharon G

Jan 04, 2017


"The tutor is very good and professional”

--Sandeep S

Jul 28, 2016


"The Personal attention that is provided by Tyler is awesome”

--Michelle S

Jul 20, 2016


"The follow up is fantastic. The tutors are professional and knowledgeable.”

--DiAnn S

Jul 15, 2016


"Student to tutor match up. We got a great fit”

--Sheelagh W

Jul 13, 2016


"The tutors are great.”

--Lynn L

Jun 17, 2016


"Covers the needs of my student to help them succeed. Tutor is reliable, punctual, and communicative.”

--Anna C

May 06, 2016


"When Tutor Doctor said that they were going to find the best tutor for our son based on his personality etc. I really didn't think that would happen. But that's exactly what they did and his tutor is outstanding. We saw and immediate change and couldn't be happier. And he loves her. We were worried about him not wanting to do "more work" after school and After-Care but he looks forward to meeting with her every week.”

--Matt S

May 05, 2016


"Come to the home, competent tutors”

--Jill B

May 05, 2016


"Tutors work well with my daughter.”

--Jeana B

Apr 27, 2016


"Great tutor. She is helping my son out a lot!”

--Shametra B

Mar 10, 2016


"Flexibility in creating a schedule that matches our child's needs and schedule”

--Brenton S

Mar 10, 2016


"I like that they conveniently come to my house.”

--Hollye P

Mar 09, 2016


"Tutor Doctor does a good job matching tutors to students. I feel like my son works with very knowledgeable people.”

--Lynn L

Mar 03, 2016