Some of our latest reviews.

"The convenience, flexible teaching ability and personal one on one support."

-- Alix W

May 31, 2017

"Flexibility to meet client at a mutual location & structuring task to student'services learning style."

-- Alix W

Mar 01, 2017

"Convenient personal service."

-- Alix W

Jun 10, 2016

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"Convenient & flexible scheduling, willing to reach out to create a support team to get the solutions figured out.”

--Alix W

Mar 09, 2016


"Easy top work with - so far very qualified tutors”

--Trish S

Dec 28, 2015


"Flexibility. It is not easy scheduling time with 2 working parents and an active high-schooler.”

--Dan G

Nov 12, 2015


"Very easy to work with, very accommodating. We are all very happy with the entire process.”

--Trish S

May 14, 2015


"The flexibility and knowledge of the tutor. Very easy to work with and my son enjoys working with her.”

--Darla M

Apr 16, 2015


"Excellent service !”

--George T

Mar 06, 2015


"Excellent pairing of tutor and student”

--Michael L

Feb 05, 2015


"I couldn't agree more on your excellent service.”

--George T

Nov 27, 2014


"I have had a great experience!”

--Kristina H

Oct 01, 2014


"great service!”

--George T

Aug 25, 2014


"I got a fast response to my inquiry. Detail response and lesson plan for my children and found a tutor in a fast and timely manner!”

--Kristina H

Jun 19, 2014