Some of our latest reviews.

"Very professional and friendly teacher!"

-- Kimberly B

Nov 01, 2017

"Rhys has a great tutor; he looks forward to his sessions with her.I think building that adult/student relationship makes Tuor Doctor special."

-- Marty F

Nov 01, 2017


-- Robert C

Sep 29, 2017

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"Kathleen Mcnalty is very helpful in finding the right fit for my daughter.”

--Beth O

Sep 27, 2017


"Quality of tutor. Willing to work with us on schedules. Comes to our house. ”

--Cyndi P

Jul 01, 2017


"Personalized communication from the top down. We have a unique situation with parents and step parents supporting the same child. Your services are extremely sensitive to all of our expectations. We are all kept well informed of our sons status. In addition, the tutor Lauri, ”

--Mia M

May 03, 2017


"Kathleen matched my son to the perfect tutor for him. He is really great!”

--Renee W

Apr 26, 2017


"The tutor that we were connected with is very professional and works very well with our son. Tutor Doctor contacted our son's school to see if there were other services available and has attempted to find all available resources to help our son succeed.”

--Kelley D

Apr 05, 2017


"I appreciate the time you take to match child with tutor. Also I really like the reports that you give us on each session with the tutor. I have worked with many who make getting information on our child's progress difficult, with the tutor doctor we don't even have to ask, the progress reports are just apart of your program. Thank you”

--Cyndi P

Mar 24, 2017


"Love the communication! I felt that I knew exactly what was going on. Jacob has improved in his skills.”

--Jill L

Mar 20, 2017


"The tutor's are both kind and patient.”

--Beth O

Mar 15, 2017


"Kathleen McNalty, who runs the Tutor Doctor company in our area did an excellent job of matching and setting up Spanish II and Pre-Calc tutors for my son. The tutoring sessions seem to be really be helping him gain the confidence and skills to do better at school in these classes.”

--John D

Dec 30, 2016


"Tutor is patient and works a variety of methods to teach the concept being worked on. Tutor recognizes when it's time to lighten up and when it's time to push on, she is great. ”

--Cyndi P

Dec 24, 2016