Some of our latest reviews.

"The woman I deal with, Christine, is amazing. She is very dedicated to helping my youngest daughter and she introduced us to another Tutor for my other daughter as well. The tutor, Paige, is doing a great job reinforcing what needs to be learned. "

-- Karen B

Mar 15, 2017

"Flexible, Freindly, Proffessional, Period, oh lol Affordable, how can it not be! when they offer this service to your child with such excellence!!"

-- Mark V

Feb 15, 2017

"Great teacher ! easy to set time"

-- John D

Jul 21, 2016

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"The hands-on personal approach.”

--Thomas E

Jun 16, 2016


"Flexible,friendly,convenient, in home service that is effective, and affordable period.”

--Mark V

Mar 30, 2016


"I love the tutor chosen to work with my son. Getting the emails detailing the tutoring session is a huge plus. Especially like the information about the number of sessions that remain. It's great not having to keep track of that myself!”

--Kim B

Feb 25, 2016


"Offers a wide array of subject matters including foreign languages”

--Mark V

Dec 02, 2015


"It was at my home , the teacher was great with Jessi She was able to help Jessi stay comfortable during each session yet she was very reassuring MARIA was great can't wait to use the remaining classes . By the way please tell Maria Jessi just got an A in math on her first report card so far she don't feel she needs Maria,s help yet”

--John D

Nov 16, 2015


"Great tutor Michael. Engaging, keeps Adam interested!”

--Kathryn B

Oct 17, 2015


"my son is improving by leaps and bounds, the tutor assigned to him is always prompt, patient, and friendly”

--Steven R

Sep 04, 2015


"Beth did a great job. At the beginning g, she evaluated my daughter level in French and she tutored her accordingly. She did a great job and I can see the results. My daughter is more confident to speak French. Beth gave her projects and she made learning fun.”

--Loulou H

Aug 19, 2015


"you come to my house . your teacher is very good with my daughter”

--John D

Jul 24, 2015


"I love the monthly email notifications about the account status and the summary of each tutoring session. The tutor is awesome and is a perfect fit for my son.”

--Kim B

Jun 30, 2015


"The personalized attention to get the right match up of tutor to our son. Customized based on his learning style and personality.”

--Eileen M

Apr 01, 2015


"We absolutely love Tricia. She is a great match for our son.”

--Senka S

Mar 14, 2015


"The time taken to find the right tutor.”

--Matthew S

Feb 11, 2015


"It's a Hugh plus to have the Tudor come to my home as oppose to driving my child to a library for an session. The girls like Katelyn very much and think tutoring is "fun".”

--Liza C

Dec 13, 2014


"Alway asking and checking in to see how we are doing an how it can be better .the tutor is well educated and has a flexibility that works well with the crazy life we all have raising kids”

--Patricia J

Sep 19, 2014


"Very professional and knowledgeable. Shows up on time, and remains engaged during entire appointment.”

--Brooke L

Jun 02, 2014


"Christine is very patient and thorough. She clearly cares about finding the right tutor for the student.”

--Matthew S

May 28, 2014