Panama City
Some of our latest reviews.

"Superior tutoring done at home!"

-- Michael G

Sep 25, 2018

"Very organized! Every request is quickly addressed."

-- Eugenia R

Sep 19, 2018

"We adore our tutor, Mrs. Brittany! She is very professional and extraordinarily kind to my children. We want to keep her forever!! "

-- Leslie G

Sep 12, 2018

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"Everything! Natalie is a great tutor and Theo has all A’s, thanks to her help. ”

--Katie P

Sep 05, 2018


"My daughter’s tutor for the ACT, Alexa, is absolutely wonderful. Alexa has always been on time and works with my daughter for the full hour. After every session, Tutor Doctor sends me an email with Alexa’s comments on how it went and what should be studied prior to the next meeting.”

--Jean P

Aug 05, 2018


"In home tutoring. Adjusting times as needed. One tutor for all areas of work.”

--Michele K

Aug 01, 2018


"Tutor doctor is very professional and timely. They meet with us quickly and had a tutor lined up immediately. The tutor has been wonderful. She is on time, engaged and had helped my son so much. Thank you so much! ”

--Missy J

Jul 25, 2018


"The caliber and selection of their tutors to meet the personality and subject specific needs of my children. The availability and flexibility of their scheduling. ”

--Amy G

Jul 18, 2018


"Individualized ”

--Angela J

Jul 04, 2018


"You are consistent ”

--Jade P

Jul 04, 2018


"We like that tutor doctor is 100% reliable, always respectful, and very professional. Our tutors know their subjects and I have no doubt Bethany will be ready for her ACT! We will continue to use and will absolutely recommend in the future. :)”

--Amy B

Jun 13, 2018



--Joe C

Jun 08, 2018


"Professional, knowledgeable and compassionate tutors!”

--Brandy H

May 25, 2018


"Our tutor is what I like the most about your services. ”

--Marsha M

May 24, 2018


"Personal, professional and results driven.”

--Angela S

May 23, 2018


"I think the tutor sue garl was great with my grandson. So experienced. I’d want her again next year. ”

--Pat S

May 04, 2018


"Tutor Doctor said they would match a Tutor to our son and they did that perfectly. Richard Gibbens is the first adult, outside the family, that my son has opened up to and has really connected with. We are seeing continuous improvement with not only our son's school work, but more importantly his pride in the work he is doing. He has actually stated that he is smart and that feeling is reflective in his outward attitude. Over all just a happier and more balanced teenager. WE, Mom and Dad, were really struggling to help/encourage him in a way that he could accept and Mr. Gibbens has been the best bridge we could have asked for. Thank you so much for what the Tutor Doctor has done, is doing and continues to do. Melissa (Mom)”

--Melissa B

May 03, 2018


"Knowledgeable tutor for Algebra, on time, and flexible scheduling appointments. Jennifer was very encouraging to Hunter. ”

--Lori D

May 03, 2018


"Very professional. Exactly what we needed. Mr Martin is knowledgeable and timely my son understands him and it has been a very positive experience. Thank you. The one thing I might add is I found out about you by word of mouth. You are a well kept secret. Thank you so much. ”

--Donna N

Apr 12, 2018


"Very individualized. Tutors are engaging, reliable, and thorough.”

--Mindy C

Mar 14, 2018