Panama City
Some of our latest reviews.

"I think the tutor sue garl was great with my grandson. So experienced. I’d want her again next year. "

-- Pat S

May 04, 2018

"Tutor Doctor said they would match a Tutor to our son and they did that perfectly. Richard Gibbens is the first adult, outside the family, that my son has opened up to and has really connected with. We are seeing continuous improvement with not only our son's school work, but more importantly hi..."

-- Melissa B

May 03, 2018

"Knowledgeable tutor for Algebra, on time, and flexible scheduling appointments. Jennifer was very encouraging to Hunter. "

-- Lori D

May 03, 2018

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"Very professional. Exactly what we needed. Mr Martin is knowledgeable and timely my son understands him and it has been a very positive experience. Thank you. The one thing I might add is I found out about you by word of mouth. You are a well kept secret. Thank you so much. ”

--Donna N

Apr 12, 2018


"Very individualized. Tutors are engaging, reliable, and thorough.”

--Mindy C

Mar 14, 2018


"Professional, organized sessions and we LOVE Mrs. Brittany!!!”

--Leslie G

Mar 13, 2018


"I think you have great qualified tutors”

--Kristine C

Feb 28, 2018



--Kristin F

Feb 23, 2018


"I like having a tutor that works for a company who oversees them instead of having an individual alone. It’s like my child has a team behind him. ”

--Christy W

Feb 21, 2018


"Speaking about my own experience, I can say that you are very professional, especially my English Language Tutor, Miss Alexa, she is dedicated, patient and her method of teaching me is bearing fruit.”

--Laura V

Feb 16, 2018


"The one on one time was very helpful! ”

--Michelle M

Feb 14, 2018


"Alison and Lacey did a great job matching up the personalities of our child and their tutor. I have been very pleased with how the tutor works with my student.”

--Kelly L

Feb 14, 2018


"The tutor you matched my son with is perfect for him. She is always encouraging and uplifting him in his efforts.”

--Christina D

Feb 01, 2018


"The tutor was specifically matched to my child's needs. Everyone at Tutor Doctor is professional and committed to seeing my child succeed. ”

--Kelli C

Dec 29, 2017


"Tutor is wonderfully patient with my daughters and puts them at ease so that they are able to work with her without nerves getting in the way. We really appreciate the way she talks to the girls in such a reassuring way, so that they are proud of a correct moment and not disappointed with a mistake.”

--Michele K

Dec 21, 2017


"Friendly, flexible, qualified tutors that make learning fun!”

--Sandy H

Dec 14, 2017


"You come to me and Lorriane is amazing. Logan looks forward to his sessions. ”

--Wendy A

Dec 14, 2017


"Always finds a very helpful tutor to match my daughter's needs and personality. ”

--Michelle C

Dec 03, 2017


"Like the way you match a tutor to a child”

--Jennifer U

Dec 01, 2017


"It not just tutoring. It’s mentoring and an advocate. All are so important in the process of growing. It’s like having the same teacher for years. I guess Alyssa will be going to college again!”

--Karen R

Nov 29, 2017