Panama City
Some of our latest reviews.

"Mrs. Hawley is amazing!!!! My son loves her and she does an awesome job with him and he has shown vast improvement. She offers support for me as well and has given me strategies to present to my son's teacher to help him succeed."

-- Jamie K

Oct 25, 2017

"I love the caring and personal attention that they give to each child. I also love the prompt communication."

-- Kerrie A

Oct 18, 2017

"I like that the tutor can come to your house, so you can still get things done during your child's tutoring session, and you don't waste time driving somewhere."

-- Katrina M

Sep 06, 2017

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"It's working for my child so far. Also, I like that I don't have to deal with paying for it every week, it's already handled. ”

--Christy W

Aug 30, 2017


"The tutors are extremely knowledgeable and patient. Both have been so nice, helpful, and flexible.”

--Joy N

Aug 23, 2017


"Alison & Lacey are very professional and found the perfect tutor match for my daughter. Our tutor is always on time and has helped to build my daughter's confidence and to understand the subjects.”

--Kelly L

Aug 16, 2017


"Good match of tutor to students. Tutors that are experienced and caring.”

--Christina D

Jul 28, 2017


"Lacey, Allison, and the tutors we have worked with are very responsive, professional, and have really helped my son. ”

--Ellen S

Jul 26, 2017


"It's nice having a third party vet the tutors.”

--Tiphanie S

Jul 18, 2017


"Everyone is extremely professional but able to relate to the student and family at the same time. ”

--Jane C

Jun 29, 2017


"Providing feedback, flexibility, and proven results ”

--Angel F

Jun 21, 2017


"Communication and respone are wonderful.”

--Jennifer U

Jun 02, 2017


"Matching student to teacher, dedication of the tutor. Also the student has a mentor. ”

--Karen R

May 31, 2017


"We love Tutor Doctor. I'm so thankful for our tutor. She was the perfect fit and helped make this a successful year. Her support and dedication to her students is outstanding!”

--Hollie P

May 24, 2017


"The personal touch has been a huge benefit for my daughter”

--Brad W

May 24, 2017



--Jacqueline C

May 19, 2017


"The current tutor ”

--Veronica B

May 18, 2017


"Tutors are professionals, educated, kind, and care about our son's success. They knew how to figure out our son's needs. They worked beyond their work hours to make sure our son was prepare for his tests. Accessible even when he didn't have a session scheduled. We are very happy with the program and the progress our son has made.”

--Patty E

May 18, 2017


"Tutors are prompt and professional and take a personal interest in our children's academic success.”

--Angela S

May 18, 2017


"Our family has loved Tutor Doctor and their services. This is our second year with them. I plan on using them again next year just to help keep my kids ahead of the game. Thanks T.D!!!”

--Annabel S

May 17, 2017