Some of our latest reviews.

"Everyone we have worked with has been great! Very personalized service. The tutor picked based on students needs, how they learn and personality. Very easy and flexible with family schedule."

-- AMY P

Jan 05, 2018

"Tutor matching "


Dec 22, 2017

"I like that we have good discussions about Gabi and her needs and that the tutor comes to our house."


Dec 15, 2017

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"We love the personal approach Janet & Roy take to helping our daughter be successful .”


Dec 15, 2017


"Prompt response, great tutors.”


Dec 14, 2017


"Match child with a tutor of common interests”

--Lisa A

Dec 14, 2017


"We have had a great experience. I would recommend tutor doctor. ”


Dec 07, 2017


"We love our tutor Kayla. She is awesome and goes above and beyond to accommodate our crazy schedule. She makes tutor time fun.”


Dec 06, 2017


"Roy and Janet really go all out to find and match excellent tutors who get results. ”


Nov 22, 2017


"We have been very lucky to found a good match for Ashlee who understands common core and to teach it.”


Nov 22, 2017


"Dependability and always going above and beyond to meet changing needs.”


Nov 08, 2017


"Listen and worked with me to satisfy my son's need. Easy to work with. ”


Nov 08, 2017


"Personalization and how Janet checks in to make sure everything is working out. It’s how she checks in that makes the difference. The kids don’t feel badly if a tutor isn’t a good fit and the tutors target areas they evaluate as the strongest needs. ”


Oct 18, 2017


"Entire family has an excellent relationship with tutor. Michelle seems to be grasping some difficult concepts.”


Sep 21, 2017


"I like that tutor doctor did the research to find a good match for my child! ”


Sep 20, 2017


"Great communication, love the tutors.”


Sep 18, 2017


"Excellent support for my child and our family. Knowledgeable tutor that continues to help my son achieve hard obstacles and he is such a great influence as well. We couldn't ask for a better tutor!”

--Lisa A

Sep 14, 2017


"We love that they match our kids with a tutor that fits their personality and learning style. Also love that they come to our house. ”


Aug 30, 2017


"Roy and Janet have been super to work with over the years, and have always accommodated our needs with both kids. Shelby is an excellent tutor for Maddie, as well! We love her! We have recommended Tutor Doctor to several of our friends!”


Aug 23, 2017


"That Janet takes the time to understand the child and the family that needs tutoring. And that she finds great tutors! ”


Aug 16, 2017