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"My daughter feels supported in reaching her academic goals. Excellent communication between the tutor and the parents on student progress. ”

--Erin G

Aug 22, 2018


"Willingness to work with clients to find the best fit between student and tutor. ”

--Stevan C

Aug 15, 2018


"During the first initial interview Tutor Doctor was able to match my child with the right tutor. Donnella is awesome and I was immediately impressed by her approach while tutoring my son. I don't think there could have been a better match for my son. ”

--Donna M

Aug 02, 2018


"My daughters tutor has a way of explaining things in a way she understands. If her answer is incorrect he doesn’t just tell her its wrong, he walks her through the problem so she can see where she made the mistake and how to fix it. He is very patient and has taken the time to get to know her and tailors the lessons to match her learning style. I’m very happy with tutor doctor.”

--Jaime H

Jun 23, 2018


"Excellent tudor. The matching works perfectly.”

--Todd W

Jun 07, 2018


"I like the flexible hours for the tutor. My child LOVES her tutor.”

--Shawn D

May 22, 2018


"Your professional,efficient and personable way of connecting with your clients and their families. You empower and instill a self confidence that really makes a difference. We are so happy now. Thank you!! We recommend you to everyone! ”

--Erika T

May 11, 2018


"Personalized sessions. Excellent communication between tutor, teachers and parents. ”

--Erin G

May 11, 2018


"I really like how personalized the teaching is for your child, and I love that the tutor comes to my home!”

--Jennifer G

May 09, 2018


"After my son was evaluated, and took an assessment test, He was matched with his Tutor and everything is more than I expected. His tutor Donnella is a perfect fit and a great tutor. Its been only a month and I already see a strong improvement with my Son.”

--Donna M

May 05, 2018


"Excellent Tutor. Friendly staff. ”

--Amy W

May 03, 2018


"Very professional. I like the feedback that keeps the parent involved. ”

--Heather H

May 03, 2018


"I like the communication with the daily report and I like our tutor, Rich.”

--Laura B

Mar 29, 2018


"Knowledgeable team members and friendly people.”

--Wendy G

Mar 21, 2018


" Great tutor. Great communication and feedback after each session. ”

--Corie D

Mar 14, 2018


"Tutors are hand-selected for the student by a very personal and thoughtful process.”

--Samantha O

Mar 13, 2018


"The friendly, flexible, competent tutor. That you come to my home.”

--Stacy B

Mar 01, 2018


"Reliability and flexibility. My daughter is a busy girl, her schedule changes from time to time. Our tutor always finds time for us. ”

--Patricia S

Feb 08, 2018


"Professional, friendly - tutor and team are always on top of it! Thrilled with North State Tutor and the service we are receiving!”

--Amy W

Jan 31, 2018


"Our tutor gives her all to our daughter and is so rewarding to see their bond. Having that respect from our daughter for her tutor definitely motivates her to try harder and learn easier without getting frustrated ...very appreciative!”

--Sharlene T

Jan 30, 2018