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"We have used several different tutor companies with our three kids but Tutor Doctor is by far the most convenient. My daughter likes the relaxed atmosphere of her own kitchen table and I appreciate one less place to drive during the week.”

--Tina G

Oct 15, 2015


"Kristine is just extremely knowledgable and able to explain things well.”

--Andi R

Oct 11, 2015


"I like the professionals that are sent into my home. They are always very pleasant and competent.”

--Carol G

Jul 02, 2015


"Kristine is just awesome and she is flexible with our schedule when needed.”

--Andi R

Jul 01, 2015


"We have had really good luck with most of the tutors. If one doesn't work out we are able to get a new tutor, which is a better match, fairly quickly.”

--Fay G

Jun 11, 2015


"Connection to student and personalized instruction”

--Amy J

Jun 01, 2015


"I think the services are wonderful! I am really pleased with the match of personality of the tutor and my child”

--Kim D

May 14, 2015


"So wonderful that you could find someone so quickly for one of the more obscure classes. I appreciate the flexibility and I love that Jessica was able to come to our house. Thanks.”

--Kelly J

May 09, 2015


"Convenience and the availability of tutors for all subjects”

--Padma D

May 07, 2015


"It is very convienent and helpful”

--Debbie F

Apr 29, 2015


"The time and commitment the instructors give the students.”

--Julie M

Apr 24, 2015


"Flexibility of tutors in their availability.”

--Rau P

Apr 22, 2015


"I love that we don't have to leave our house; the tutor comes to our house. We have a regular schedule, but still have flexibility to change things around when necessary. We love that working one-on-one with a tutor makes my child feel more at ease and our tutor has become like a family friend!”

--Dawn S

Apr 08, 2015


"Our awesome tutor Ms Linda!!!”

--Sandra M

Apr 01, 2015


"I love our tutor - she is absolutely the best!”

--Andi R

Mar 08, 2015


"responsive and flexable”

--Gina S

Feb 05, 2015


"What we like about tutor doctor is they come to our home which is convenient (with a flexible schedule dates and time) and match the service needed for our children (trig & SAT ) with excellent tutors whom personalities work well together.”

--Michelle B

Jan 21, 2015


"The tutors are great teachers and really know their area.”

--leslie s

Jan 21, 2015


"Flexibility, quick turn-around, experienced tutors”

--Lynda W

Jan 03, 2015


"The process was very easy and our needs were met as expected. The tutor you choose for my son has helped him greatly.”

--Elise G

Dec 18, 2014